LEO presence is necessary. Send them! You have my support! Torey Feldhaus - 3/8/16

Plumas NF has a past history of inappropriately utilizing OHV funds to fund operations not related to OHV use. The PNF has done very little to enhance OHV use and has drastically eliminate designated trails and has failed to complete trail designations as presented in the adopted Travel Management Plan. PNF has demonstrated abuse of OHV funds and has presented no effort to enhance OHV use. This LE grant should not be awarded to PNF. Matt Colwell – 3/23/16

Friends of Plumas Wilderness is dedicated to studying, exploring and maintaining the integrity of natural ecosystems in the Northern Sierra and Southern Cascades. Our organization strongly supports Plumas National Forest efforts to stop motorized trespass into the Bucks Lake Wilderness. In the Plumas National Forest Patrol District OHV grant proposal, Over-Snow Vehicle Wilderness intrusion is identified as the number one key enforcement issue. The proposal also states that "attempts to enforce restrictions have met with limited success." To improve the success of enforcement of Wilderness restrictions we recommend the California OHV Recreation Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program provide more funding to the Plumas National Forest Patrol District to 1) increase education and enforcement during weekends and OSV events such as poker runs and provide visitors with "Tread Lightly Tips for Responsible Snowmobiling," 2) reinstate patrol flights to monitor for snowmobile Wilderness trespass, and 3) purchase and install more OSV sensors where Wilderness trespass has been observed. Thank you for your consideration, Darrel Jury President, Friends of Plumas Wilderness – 3/28/16