I would like to address C Identification of Needs. It states that "There is a severe lack of certified OHV training classes so very few kids actually ever receive the required training." This statement should be revised. There is not a severe lack of certified OHV training classes. There have been classes offered every month, and can be gotten through ASI (American Safety Institute) website. They are given at El Mirage, Jawbone, Needles, Dumont, and wherever there is a site that allows the training to take place. The problem is that parents are not totally educated or are not pushed to make sure their kids have this class under their belt. The parents are told when and where the classes are given and they say that they will look into it. Some parents do not even purchase their kids the right riding gear, saying they will grow out of it soon, so I will wait. Education is always the way, but there are times where we need a higher entity to help. Please understand how important this is. Parents will say that my child has been riding since they were 3 years old and yet, they do not know the quad they are riding. They know where the gas and brakes are, but do not know how to sit or properly look around using their eyes, ears and brains. Most kids rely heavily on their parents to check to make sure they have gas or oil in their quad, and we teach them and go over with them all aspects of the machine. Protecting our youth at all costs is what this program is all about. Making sure that every ride is a safe one. Having them learn that they need to protect themselves and the land around them for not only them, and their children but future generations to come. Nicole Slapper - 3/10/16

On page 8, section 3 under materials and supplies, #3 should also include improvements to Mountain View Road and Colusa Road as well as Lake Bypass Road. Sarah Sutliff - 3/10/16

I hereby request that you would approve and fully fund this grant. As a frequent OHV user I know first hand that education and safety are the key to a successful future for our sport. Phil Pulley – 3/23/16

I strongly support this grant application because the funding goes directly to educating young, new, and first-time riders on proper trail etiquette, safety and environmental stewardship. Behzad Mohebbi – 3/28/16

I hereby request that you would approve and fully fund this grant. As a frequent user of the El Mirage OHV areas and trails, I know first hand that the improvements, repairs and ongoing maintenance outlined in this grant application are very much needed and necessary in order to keep these facilities both safe and usable. Phil Pulley – 3/23/16

I strongly support this grant application because it directly funds the maintenance and improvement of OHV trails. Behzad Mohebbi – 3/28/16

The Friends of El Mirage have been very instrumental in helping to develop and keep OHV access open. They have worked closely with the Division to develop plans and strategies to expand and maintain public access to OHV opportunities on public lands. Without this groups help the road and trail system in the area would not look as it does today. I would like to highly recommend that the Division fully fund this project so they can continue the great work they have been doing to ensure public access to public lands. Mike Wubbels – 4/1/16

Although quite large, this grant is important to support a heavily used and much loved area. I hope this grant can be fully funded. Ed Stovin – 4/2/16