Four-Wheel Drive Area

A 10-acre site adjacent to the Aliklik Campground has been developed to provide an area where 4-wheel drive enthusiasts may test their personal capabilities and that of their vehicles. The practice area contains eight man-made features that replicate conditions and terrain found throughout California's backcountry. Visitors may operate their 4-wheel drive vehicles on their own, or join a formal safety and operations class conducted by California Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs certified instructors. For information on classes offered at Hungry Valley call (800) 494-3866.
Jeeps and Landcruisers climbing hill Off Road buggy on obstacle
Rockcrawler and large boulder Old jeep on obstacle


A mini-track is open for public use near the Smith Forks Campground. The one-acre mini-track is completely fenced off from the general riding area and is designed specifically for beginning riders on 90cc or smaller motorcycles and ATVs. The track contains a series of twists, turns and small jumps and is an ideal area for parents to supervise and coach young riders developing their riding skills in a controlled, safe environment.
Mini Track under 90cc only. ATV and Motorcycles. Track direction is counter clockwise. Two minibikes and a small quad on the mini track.
Red mini quad jumping. White mini quad on jump.

Motorcycle Track

Four dirtbikes overlooking Hungry Valley SVRA. A 15-acre site adjacent to the Four-Wheel Drive Practice Area has been developed with a one-mile long practice track for motorcycles 100 cc or larger. This track is open for public use and consists of several different types of jumps, twists, turns and terrain to challenge even the most experienced rider.