Geocaching Policy


The purpose of the Hollister Hills SVRA Geocaching Policy is to successfully manage the popular recreation activity of geocaching within Hollister Hill SVRA (see for a description of geocaching activities).The term geocaching represents other similar activities such as letter boxing and bench marking, in addition to geocaching.

It shall be the policy of Hollister Hills SVRA to encourage positive use of the park and its resources. Geocaching can be a positive recreation activity when practiced under established conditions and procedures.


Hollister Hills SVRA retains the right to remove any caches within park boundaries that have been determined to be inappropriate because of location, content or by having an adverse impact on wildlife, vegetation, visitors, and natural or cultural resources. In the event the park removes a cache, the park will attempt to contact the owner. Hollister Hills SVRA will handle the cache as lost property as described in the Department of Parks and Recreation Lost and Found Policy. Hollister Hills SVRA retains the right to remove a cache that it feels for any reason is deemed inconsistent with the mission and/or statutes of the California State Park System.


Cache Placement
  • Caches shall be registered on the internet with and comply with guidelines.
  • Caches must not be placed in areas which facilitate the development of new trails or off trail travel.
  • Caches shall not cut or modify vegetation, geographical/geological features, park signs, fences, posts, trails, trail markers, or park buildings/facilities.
  • Caches shall not be placed on or near potentially hazardous locations such as blind turns, steep hills, or congested intersections.
  • Caches shall not interfere with wildlife or visitors.
  • Caches must be maintained by the owner. Caches that have been abandoned and not maintained will be considered litter and removed.
  • Caches shall not be placed within designated historic or cultural resource areas, or cause any travel near natural, historically and/or culturally sensitive areas.
Cache Containers and Contents
  • All Caches must be clearly labeled on the exterior as a "geocache." All caches shall include contact information and a standard geocache "stash-note" notifying any unintentional finder that it is an active game piece and to leave it in place.
  • Contents shall be of a family friendly nature and shall not contain inappropriate, hazardous or illegal materials such as: flammables, explosives, controlled substances, pornography or food.
  • Containers shall be capable of withstanding the normal varied environmental conditions present at Hollister Hills SVRA.
  • Containers must be capable of maintaining a secure closure in a fashion that would not allow any wildlife to access the contents inside the cache.
Off-Highway Vehicle Provisions
  • Geocaches shall be placed where there is ample space to pull over vehicle(s) or along flat straight trails with clear visibility so as to avoid a collision.
  • Geocaches shall not be placed in a hazardous location. For example: on the trail or around a blind corner, etc.
Hollister Hills SVRA encourages all participants in this recreation activity to practice the "Cache In Trash Out" (CITO) policy as described by at

Procedures for Hollister Hills SVRA Staff:

  • If Hollister Hills SVRA staff discovers a compliance issue regarding a cache that is an immediate hazard to life, property, vegetation, or wildlife species, they are authorized to immediately remove the cache, and notify the appropriate staff in charge of geocache management.
  • If park staff finds a compliance issue regarding a cache that does not require immediate resolution, they should inform the assigned park staff geocache liaison. Necessary actions should be taken by the park staff geocache liaison to resolve the issue.
Download the Hollister Hills SVRA Geocaching Policy [PDF]