Commission Actions & Updates

OHMVR Commission Letter to the San Luis Obispo APCD

OHMVR Commission letter to the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board regarding Oceano Dunes Stipulated Order of Abatement [posted 9/3/2020]

OHMVR Commission Comment Letter on the Draft DRECP and EIR/EIS

OHMVR Commission comment letter on the draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and EIR/EIS, Docket No. 09-RENEW EO-01 [posted 2/26/15]

OHMVR Commission and Division CCMA PRMP and FEIS Protest Letters

Protest of the BLM Hollister Field Office, Clear Creek Management Area Proposed Resource Management Plan / Final Environmental Impact Statement

OHMVR Commission Protest Letter - May 6, 2013
OHMVR Division Protest Letter - May 6, 2013

OHMVR Commission Letter to East Bay Regional Park District