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Renz Property

Opening of the gate!

On May 3, 2008, the Renz property was officially opened to the public. This new area includes approximately 23 miles of trails for both motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The trail system has been designed and built to both provide a challenging riding experience which holds rider’s interest, and also for maintaining the integrity of the natural environment.

The development of a trail system on the Renz Property of Hollister Hills SVRA represents a new way of approaching trail design for OHV recreation in California’s State Vehicular Recreation Areas. The trail system was designed in collaboration with the OHV community, resource specialists, our neighbors, the environmental community, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Fish and Game, Army Corp of Engineers, and many others to provide a quality recreational opportunity. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience as you discover the many interesting features of this area. Following are some of the features and issues incorporated into the trail layout.

Rider Interest

Renz RiderThis trail system offers an interesting, fun, and challenging riding experience. Rather than wide, straight dirt roads you will find trails with multiple grade changes and rolling contours. These trails are technical and require focus, proper gear selection, and controlled braking. By creating an interesting and challenging riding experience, riders should not be tempted to go off the established trail system, which leads to environmental damage and closure of riding areas.


Renz RiderIn addition to ensuring that vehicles meet established emission standards, trails were carefully laid out to focus the impacts of sound away from developments. We do not want our neighbors to be disturbed by exhaust noise, so every effort was made to use the land's natural contours to channel sounds away from neighboring properties. For instance, when a trail is laid out on a hillside, the trail direction and elevation are adjusted so the vehicles exhaust is not pointing directly towards neighboring properties; when a trail runs near a ridgeline, the trail was placed on the side of a ridge facing away from neighboring development. Remember, "Less Sound Equals More Ground!"

Water Runoff

Rider on RenzAnother consideration in laying out the trails on the Renz Property was water runoff. The trails have been designed to be hydrologically invisible. In other words, the trail will not change or concentrate the natural flow of water.  As water runs off a hillside naturally, it tends to run in sheets and is slowed down by vegetation and not focused into concentrated channels which quickly erode. The trail system was designed to incorporate frequent grade changes and turns to naturally shed water at multiple points, rather than the traditional design of gathering water into culverts and directing it downhill. The natural fall lines were utilized to dissipate water frequently. This type of design provides for challenging riding while dispersing water in a natural manner.