Prairie City SVRA

EFFECTIVE (August 26, 2020) - Thank you for your patience and continued support of California State Parks as we work to limit your risk for exposure to COVID-19 in the outdoors.

As a reminder, Californians are encouraged to avoid road trips and stay close to home, maintain physical distancing, wear a face covering when a physical distance of six feet from others who are not from the immediate household members cannot be maintained, and avoid congregating. Everyone has the responsibility to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some additional guidelines for locals visiting Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area:

What is open now?
  • Main entrance
  • Kids Track
  • Main Staging Area
  • ATV and MX Practice Tracks
  • Obstacle Area
  • 4X4 Track and Staging Area
  • Zone 1 riding trails , Zone 2 riding trails, Zone 3 riding trails
  • Concessions, including the PCMX Track and the Kart Track (open for practice/training sessions only, no races)
  • Quarter Midget Track (open for practice/training sessions only, no races)

What is currently closed?
  • Mini MX Track (AX Track)
  • Environmental Training Center (open for training sessions by special event permit only)
  • Sector Office

Are there any new visitor guidelines?
Yes, please see below:
  • Stay Safer at 6 Feet: Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more. Gatherings, picnics and parties are not allowed. Visitors will be asked to leave if there are too many people at the park to allow for the required physical distance.
  • Stay Clean: Be prepared. Bring soap/sanitizer and pack out all trash. Restrooms will be temporarily closed in order to keep up with cleaning schedules.
  • Stay Covered: The state now requires you to wear a face covering in most indoor settings and public outdoor spaces when you cannot maintain physical distancing of six feet or more from people outside of your immediate household. For details, please visit CDPH’s guidance here. Visitors should also abide by their local county health orders.

Statewide, California State Parks continues to work with locals on a phased and regionally-driven approach to increase access to state park units where compliance with state and local public health ordinances can be achieved. Even though the department has increased access across the State Park System, the need for Californians to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the outdoors remains critical.

For information on statewide current closures and available services, please visit

Welcome to Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area!

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Visiting Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area

Prairie City is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, 20 miles east of downtown Sacramento and three miles south of U.S. 50. The area offers off-highway vehicle enthusiasts a variety of interesting terrain and trails for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. There are flat, open grasslands, rolling hills with native blue oak trees, and acres of cobbled mine tailings left after gold dredges combed ancient river beds in search of gold during the late 1800s. Beginners, as well as experts, find a variety of terrain both challenging and enjoyable.

Prairie City SVRA takes its name from the gold rush community that was located just northeast of the present-day park. Today, the only reminders of that 1850s community are some old mine tailings and a historical marker, California Historical Landmark #464, which is located at the intersection of Prairie City Road and U.S. 50.

Aerojet General Corporation purchased the southern portion of this property in the early 1960s to build and test rocket engines for the U.S. Government. No actual rocket testing took place after Congress cut program funding. Remnants of the park's space-age past include a test pit south of the present day-use staging area and a dome-shaped building known as the "moon room" located next to the park office.

OHV imageIn 1972, Roy and Mary McGill leased 435 acres of the present park site from Aerojet General Corporation and created a motorcycle riding and competition facility called McGills Cycle Park. Sacramento County purchased the area in 1975 with the assistance of the State Off-Highway Vehicle Grants Program. An additional 401 acres was purchased in 1976 with State Off-Highway Vehicle Funds, bringing the total acreage to 836. Sacramento County managed the park until July 1988 when the operation was turned over to the Off-Highway Vehicle Division of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Today, a wide range of birds and other wildlife reside in the area. The open grasslands attract golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, and an occasional prairie falcon. Oak trees and brushy areas provide shelter for quail, wild turkeys, and pheasants. Lewis' woodpeckers, acorn woodpeckers, and northern flickers can often be seen on the blue oaks. Deer are often seen in the morning or evening hours when they come out to graze, and coyotes are also seen occasionally.

Recreational Land Management
Providing long-term sustained OHV recreation opportunity is a top priority in SVRA Management. Provisions in California law require actions to stabilize soils and to provide for healthy wildlife populations in OHV recreation areas. Sites exist throughout the SVRA which have become eroded. There are projects ongoing to stabilize eroded areas by reshaping slopes, and by reseeding and replanting bare areas. Vegetation creates wildlife habitat while plant roots help stabilize the soil. Project areas are temporarily closed to OHV use through the use of barriers, such as fences, hay bales, brush piles and signing. Where possible, well designed OHV trails are immediately provided through project areas. Other project areas may be closed for a number of years before being again opened for OHV use. Your understanding and support in staying out of areas closed for restoration help ensure OHV recreation opportunities for years to come.

Notice! Exciting changes are in the works.

 Prairie City SVRA re-vegetation project announcement - 4x4 Area temporary closure


The above map of Prairie City SVRA shows the 4X4 Re-vegetation project area, which is highlighted in yellow. This area will be temporarily closed for obstacle improvements and vegetation rehabilitation. During construction the area will be temporarily fenced until vegetation is established. The construction process will include placing excavated material from the sediment basins on the hillside to fill in eroded routes, grading and installing straw wattles, and hydro seeding the area.

The map below shows 4X4 Re-vegetation project in greater detail. Three routes will be left open while vegetation is establishing so 4X4s will still have access up and down the hill. The existing gully route to the left will be modified and rock-lined in order to armor it and prevent further erosion while also creating a new and exciting rock crawling obstacle. The stair climb obstacle will be refreshed by shifting existing rocks to make it more challenging and the dirt route beside it will also be improved. Rip rap will added to the roadside ditch along the western edge of the project area and the northern portion will be graded and maintained for special event parking. If you have further questions you can contact (916) 985-5662.


4x4 area re-vegetation detail map.


Additional Visitor Services
    • All Star Karting LLC (Go-Kart Race Track)
    • Armstrong Racing, LLC (Motocross race track operation)