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Commission Meetings

2015 Commission Meetings Schedule

The following dates in 2015 have been selected for meetings of OHMVR Commission:

 March 12-13
 May 28-29
 September 24-25
 October 28-29
 December 3-4 (Optional)

March 12-13, 2015 Commission Meeting (Palmdale)

The following links are supporting documents for specific agenda items:

      The Commission will consider and may take action on the following item:
       Proposal to draft a letter commenting on the West Mojave (WEMO) Draft Plan Amendment and DEIS

       San Andreas District
       BLM Report
       USFS Report
       Deputy Director's Reports
             Parks Transformation Team
             Budget Update
             SVRA 2014 Attendance Study
             Grants Program
                     2014/2015 Preliminary Grant Applications Funding Amount Requested Chart
             SVRA General Plans
             Education and Outreach
             OHV Training Committee
             Law Enforcement/Safety