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CEQA / EIR Notices

Eastern Kern County Acquisition EIR

The Eastern Kern County Acquisition Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been certified by the OHMVR Division and a Notice of Determination (NOD) has been filed with the State Clearinghouse. [View Documents] [10/4/13]

Over Snow Vehicle Program EIR

The OHMVR Division certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Over Snow Vehicle (OSV) Program and approved the OSV Program on December 17th. The Notice of Determination was filed on December 20th.

Through the OSV Program, the OHMVR Division works with its federal and county partners to ensure trailhead parking areas are plowed and safe for the public, trails are groomed and available, and restrooms and warming huts are cleaned and maintained. These facilities are available for both motorized and non-motorized recreation, including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing.

The OHMVR Division has prepared the EIR over the past two years with information developed in part through trailhead surveys, public meetings, discussions with the U.S. Forest Service and counties, and comments received on the Draft EIR. This EIR will ensure OSV Program funding for winter recreation can be made available through 2020 in conjunction with long-term monitoring, law enforcement, and resource management.

The EIR is available for review in hard copy at the OHMVR Division, 1725 – 23rd Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, California, 95816.  For further information please contact Connie Latham, OSV Program EIR Project Manager at (916) 324-3358 or by email:  

Over Snow Vehicle Program EIR Documents:

    OSV Program Final EIR NOD
    OSV Program Final EIR [PDF 4.6 MB]
    OSV Program Draft EIR [PDF 3.5 MB]
    Appendices [PDF 2.5 MB]
    OSV Trail System Maps [PDF 13.6 MB] [Posted 12/20/10]