Guided walk imageTime: 8:30am

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park remains open and continues to hold monthly guided nature walks. The final guided walk of 2017 is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th.  Meet in the Ranch House parking lot at 8:15am for time to experience the early morning wildlife to be found in the Ranch House and Barn complex yard – the walk begins at 8:30am. 

Join Docents Lisa Wilson & Nicola Self as they lead a leisurely walk along the Anderson Flats Trail, and then cut off to the Cache Creek Trail and end back at the Ranch House. Bring your binoculars.  This time of year, many resident mammals and birds are attracted to the Park because of the abundance of wild blackberries, grapes, rose hips and mistletoe berries available for food.  Fall also brings many migrating birds to the Park, some to eat the autumn fruits and some to rest in the waters of Cache Creek and Anderson Marsh, or in the nearby trees.  As the group discovers what fall continues to bring to the Park, Nicola will be sharing her interest in the birds that inhabit the Park and Lisa will be discussing the history of the Europeans that first settled at what we now know as Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. 

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park is located on Hwy 53, between Lower Lake and Clearlake.  For more information about the walks, email or call (707) 995-2658.  More information about AMIA can be found at

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