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Junior Lifeguard Boot Camp

Swim Tryout & Spring Bootcamp Program

Dates & Location: 


The tryout swim is for new students to test their skills and if they pass they can sign up for our program! (The swim tests usually last about 15 minutes). New students may drop by anytime between 1:30 - 3:30 to test. Returning JG’s don’t need to tryout again, but may if they want to, returning students or those who pass may also participate in the bootcamp to stay fit and ready for the upcoming summer.

The Bootcamp portion locations and dates TBA. We will focus on efficiency to aid each student in strength and technique in hopes that they will pass the swim test by the end of the last Saturday in April. If your child passes the swim test prior to finishing the full bootcamp you will be eligible for a discounted rate on the program tuition, if they choose to bypass the rest of the remaining bootcamp dates, however we highly encourage them to continue with the rest of the bootcamp if they are right on the cusp!

The bootcamp will consist of fun above and underwater games, stroke technique, safe stretching practices, teamwork, leadership skills and more!

Students may only attend the bootcamp once they have signed the application & waiver & paid.