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Grant Application Q and A

Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program

Every year the grant cycle starts in January where eligible agencies are able to apply for Off-Highway Motor Vehicle (OHV) related grant projects via the web-based Online Grant Application (OLGA) system.

Please reference our Regulations for specifics on the Grants program and the Apply for Grants page for step-by-step application instructions to apply for a grant in OLGA.

Grant Application Criteria

Grant applications are made up of General Criteria and Project Specific Criteria. The General Criteria evaluates your OHV program and the Project Specific Criteria evaluates your individual project(s).

Project Specific Criteria Questions

The project was developed with public input prior to the Preliminary Application filing deadline. Identify date(s) of meetings and participants. Do not include internal agency meetings or meetings that occurred more than 12 months prior to filing the preliminary Application. Up to 2 points

Employing the following:
  Publicly noticed meeting(s) with the general public to discuss the project. 1 point
  Meeting(s) with multiple distinct stakeholders. 1 point

What is a public input meeting?
These are meetings the applicant holds to solicit ideas and input from the public on OHV related grant projects for application consideration. In order to qualify for points, the meetings must be held prior to the submittal of your Preliminary Application, but not more than 12 months before this time.

How will I get credit for a public meeting?
State how the meeting(s) was noticed, e.g. news release, website, local papers; date(s) the notice(s) was released to the public; date(s) and location(s) the meeting(s) took place; and how many attendees were present.

Internal agency meetings will not qualify.
A meeting not initiated and conducted/hosted by you as the applicant will not qualify.

What qualifies as a stakeholder?
Standard definition states that a stakeholder is a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, such as a business or industry.

How will I get Credit for these meetings?
You have to identify the stakeholders; what their stakes/interests are in the project; and the date(s) and location(s) the meeting(s) took place. Be specific.

Internal agency meetings will not qualify.
A meeting not initiated and conducted/hosted by you as the applicant will not qualify.

Can a public meeting also count as a stakeholder meeting?
Yes, as long as stakeholders were notified about and attended the public meeting. You have to identify the stakeholders and what their stakes/interests are in the project. Be specific.

The project will utilize partnerships to successfully accomplish the Project. Identify the number of groups or organizations that will actively participate in the project. Partners cannot include any unit of the OHMVR Division, subcontractors, or any participants being paid by this OHV Grant and Cooperative Agreement. Up to 4 points

4 or more partners – 4 points
2 to 3 – 2 points
1 – 1 point

What qualifies as a partner?
A partner is an organization with an established name that is partnering with the applicant specifically to work on the project. A paid organization on the project cost estimate will not qualify.

Can a single volunteer qualify as a partner?
No. See answer above.

Can an organization contributing in-kind (volunteer) match activities toward the completion of the grant project qualify as a partner?

Can a partner also be a stakeholder?

Can a partner also be mentioned in the project description?
Yes, as long as the partner organization is not paid by the grant project.

How will I get credit for each of my partner organizations?
List each partner organization separately [separate lines] and provide a detailed explanation for how each will participate in the project.

If you have questions regarding any of our grant processes that are not listed, please contact your grant administrator for additional guidance.