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Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

  RE_G14-03-38-LO1 Law Enforcement Grant District 36 has ALWAYS supported solid, realistic, and sound grant applications. D36 applauds the County of Stanislaus for the MATCH dollars of $264,300.00 is has COMMITTED to this grant. Unfortunately, this grant totals $542,000 and in the big picture, would take over 5% of the entire allocation for LE Grants Statewide, save the match dollars. Item 2. Project Coverage Area is showing 1,492 square miles, which is the entire square miles of the whole county, while OHV recreation areas are shown as 750 acres in one location and 150 acres is a 2nd location. Location #1 has 484 The applicant appears to be asking for a FULL County OHV LE Task Force, due to identified staff cutbacks, and citing the economy for the reason. An OHV LE Grant is SUPPLEMENTAL funding source for OHV related LE activities. It is noted that the applicant CHARGES a LE Fee for permitted special events, which would be income above the amount supple LE monies requested. No identification of In-Lieu funding is disclosed, so assumption would be it goes to Stanislaus County Parks for other uses which may or may not be OHV related. Nor, other Cities that may receive In-Lieu funds such as Modesto or others. Of grave concern, is the Frank Raines OHV Park is CLOSED 50% of the year to OHV recreation based upon concerns by Cal-Fire. It is closed May 1 - Oct 31. While we are sympathetic to potential fires, OHV recreation as described within Item 2 - Project Coverage - Spark Arrestors and Muffler requirements are identified as part of their duties. Ca Law states a vehicle, especially a motorcycle, w/o said equipment, would NOT be allowed to enter either of the facilities. Staff identified a substantial number of Permitted Special events, and those regulations are REQUIRED to participate. This is just an overview, and more detail to come in the actual LE Grant submission under that same Project Number. Dave Pickett D36 MC Sports - 4/6/15

  STANISLAUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE LE GRANT REQUEST The 2014/15 LE Grant Request is $277, 618 The 2013/14 LE Grant Request Awarded was $91,377. the requested amount was 193,718 the TOTAL OHV usable OHV acreage in 2 locations is: La Grange at 147 acres & Frank Raines is 750 acres in the lower. For a total of 897 acres. At Frank Raines, [FR] 484 acres in the upper part of the park remain CLOSED, reason unknown. At FR, it is closed for 6 months of the year, due to request of Cal-Fire, thus only 1/2 of 1 full year is opportunity provided. This practice is still in place, CLOSURE, per Grant Request info supplied. The grant for 14/15 is matched by a $264,330 commitment by Stanislaus County, which is commendable. But, the total Grant, if supplied, would total $ $541,948. For 6 months of the year, this is 897 acres of LE service at 1/2 the full amount ($270,974) to run the facilities, or $302.09 cents PER ACRE of LE Cost. the other half of the year, as FR is CLOSED for opportunity, it gets worse. The remaining $270,974, or 1/2 is $1,843.36 PER ACRE for LE Coverage. Granted, the Grant request is for the ENTIRE County for OHV infraction as the occur and remedied by the SVOU units on an annual basis. Location and identification of what is listed OFF of the legal OHV areas, can be serviced by all Sheriffs patrol units. Latch key kids riding in a vacant lot for example, orrailroad right of ways, private lands, etc. For Special Events at either, a Permit is controlled by the Stanislaus County Parks Department, and if a fee is charged, it REMAINS with SC Parks. Of merit, LE surcharges are NOT changed to the Permittee, which is commendable. The comments above are detailed as a comment in the Project Cost Estimate, under Project Description, Paragraph 7 states: "We are asking again for Grant Funds to provide patrol, and extra patrols in the parks for not only for the busy holidays, but also on weekends when special events take place where attendance with double or triple." This indicates to us that the entire grants is 100% related to OHV park use, and not full county patrol as indicated in the application. D36 has ALWAYS supported OHV LE Grants that make sense, but does NOT and never has supported LE Grant funding in excess of "straight time" and especially in the case where one facility is shut down to OHV for long periods of lost OHV recreation opportunity. We ask that the Hourly rates of the officers be audited for costs. In section 3 Law enforcement officers, Rate is based on OVERTIME pay, but is NOT asking for Grant money, but Section 2 identifies 2,568 hours at Straight time, at a cost of $169,925.00 but NO County match dollars. The Sergeant position should be immediately removed from the Grant, as his cost is irresponsible, and a Sergeant should not be needed. Keeping in mind that the terrain is OHV oriented, and the department already has 9 vehicles for OHV use and patrol, and rescue, the 2 new machines are NOT needed, and with a cost listed at $60,000 with a ZERO match, this should be stricken from the Grant as not needed, especially when only 174 acres of opportunity are available but 6 months a year. This is NOT needed for the limited use areas even when ALL is open. Additionally, Indirect costs such as Administration seems high, especially with ZERO match dollars offered. Get the FR facility opened longer during the year, and get the unavailable 484 acres also at FR opened, then this grant could be worth some extra grant funding. Since the County has committed to $264,330.00 in match funds IF the full grant was funded, I would use that commitment to fund 2 more officers for the department. Again, D36 supports reasonable Grant submissions for LE purposes, but not 5% of the entire LE budget for 2014/15. Not enough opportunity exists for the amount of money and equipment requested. Dave Pickett District 36 Motorcycle Sport Committee PS. Please review TOTAL Grant Submission for Stanislaus County Sheriff and Ground Operations. Keep in mind the opportunity. In 2015, total grants including Ground Operations for La Grange and FR, plus LE Grant total is $1,403,241.00 with match. The OHV Division portion is $ $913,899.00 for 2015. In 2014, for same LE and La Grange, SC received $208,287.00 before match. D36 has NO issue with 2 additional Satellite Phones, Safety equipment, Rescue Equipment or Hands Free Radio Kits, or existing equipment maintenance use expenses. Dave Pickett / District 36 MC - 4/6/15

  I OPPOSE this grant application as submitted as organizations such as CORVA has had issues where deputies did not control some out of control persons even though they were in attendant at that event. There were also requests for deputies to be at an event but were told that they had to cover Modesto and Woodward Reservoirs instead. There has also been large overtime payments which should have gone to more regular patrols. There were major issues at La Grange when large crowds have showed up at Mud-Fest events. The request for racing Polaris Razors instead of untility side by sides would be better for safely removing stranded or injured people. Michael Damaso - 4/6/15