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Imperial County Sheriff's Office

  While the Imperial County Sheriff's grant is a worthwhile grant to protect OHV recreation, there are a few errors I would like to point out. In the areas you say you patrol, in several places you repeat the same ares with different names. This makes it sound like you patrol more areas than you reall do. You say you patrol Salton City and Truckhaven, which are very close together. Salton City also is entirely private property. You say you patrol Dune Buggy Flats, Gordon's well and Buttercup. These three areas are right next to one another in the south of ISDRA. You say you patrol Mamouth Wash and North Glamis, which are really the same area. The grant mentions "Ocotillo Wells is continuing to grow as a destination for off-road enthusiast looking for other trails than just sand dunes." While Ocotillo Wells may be growing the number of visitors who are leaving the sand dunes, overall visitation in Ocotillo Wells has been trending downward for a number of years now. The grant says that the Tierra Del Sol event brings 60,000 people to the area. While the event is large, event attendees number closer to 10,000 people. Other than these errors, Imperial County Sheriffs are important to protect off-road recreation in Imperial County. Ed Stovin - 4/5/15