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BLM - Redding Field Office

  See attached letter.   Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 4/3/15

  BLM Redding FO - LE District 36 Supports the Grant submission as written. Of note, D36 appreciates that the areas identified, including specifics noted in LE/ Pg. 2, Line item 4 and permitted or special events, it appreciated that coverage is INCLUDED in your grant, and not a supplemental request for a permitted events. Additionally, Materials//supplies, Item #3, these prices are very reasonable when a quality, approved helmet and boots would easily exceed $1,000, the pricing shown is fair, and this section needs to be included as listed. This LE unit has historical been fair in LE activities, and has successfully used Education over Citation in many cases. The identified area known as Shasta Campground, should NOT charge a $10 Camping fee when tied into a PAID Permitted Special Event. that appears to be double dipping, and ask for consideration on this point. Please support this grant applicant at the full requested amount. Dave Pickett District 36 MC Sports Committee, Inc.  - 4/6/15

  RE: BLM G/Ops- This applicant has a strong history of support for OHV recreation, including special permitted events. Volunteer efforts in partnership with the user community remain strong, and this is critically important. If more areas had these kind of relations with volunteers, all OHV areas would be better. The grant submitted makes sense, and D36 appreciates the PRO-ACTIVE stance on Health & Safety, as identified in replacing the toilet units now over 25 years old. today's cost works out to $17K per vault, and if they last 25 years, Considering the use by recreationist, per vault per month is very cost effective for the use these facilities provide over 25+ years. Please review Evaluation Criteria, (2) Failure to complete. 8 points. This area is well used by recreationist,s and D36 has no reason to NOT support this grant, as their proven history of 1st class OHV opportunity is well known The Direct Expenses identification areas, are clear, and understandable. This area seems to make each OHV Trust Fund Dollar go very far.. D36 SUPPORTS this grant as written, even at the higher cost of this grant. Emphasis must be placed on the match they have proposed, being $97,000. This says a huge amount about their investment. into this area.... Dave Pickett. D36 - 4/6/15