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USFS - Shasta-Trinity/Six Rivers NF - Patrol District

  There is indeed a need for OHV Law Enforcement / Forest Protection Officer patrol and education on the Mad River District. We currently do not have a FS LEO working at the district and when there is they are mostly dealing with more important illegal activities. We are lacking personnel in the Recreation Department and only LEO's or FPO's can write warning notices or citations. Most forest visitors are not aware of the Motor Vehicle Use Map that shows the designated roads and trails for OHV and other vehicle use on the Six Rivers Mad River District. The grant funding needs to show results on the ground by documenting visitor contacts, issuing warning notices, and citations when appropriate. I believe in educating the public all the way, but I also believe that the OHV grant money needs to be monitored for the intended purpose of what the grant proposes. I'm speaking as a FS employee and a member of the Mad River community. There are many great opportunities for responsible OHV use on the MR District and it offers the Pilot Creek motorized trail system which has been discovered by motorcycle groups from all over. Signage, monitoring motorized trails, and making visitor contacts explaining the designated routes, and promoting rider safety can only benefit the public, the natural resources, and the Forest Service. Angelique Russell - 4/3/15