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Sierra Avalanche Center

  This group offers great information that is up to date. Please fund extra for on snow training! All 16 spots where full this year but lack of snow cancelled it. The on snow training is what the internet can't do! Please use my green sticker money here! Robert Williams - 4/3/15

  Hello: I would certainly like to see the Sierra Avy Center continue to receive a grant for next season in order to conduct their two day snowmobile avy training class, which was cut short this season because of the lack of snow. Keeping our fingers crossed that next winter brings lots of snow. Thanks for your time. Don Zuliani - 4/3/15

  Please grant funds for the continuation of Avalanche education. This is an important program. I live in Lake Tahoe - am an avid snow skier and snowmobiler and the Avalanche education and daily reporting are very critical to myself and so many others that spend most of the winter in the backcountry. Also, with regard to the snowmobile avalanche safety classes, there is a need for more funding so that more classes can be offered. The waiting list for these classes is always an issue, and many people miss these classes due to the long wait list. Thank You, Dale Cabral - 4/6/15

  We recently attended an avalanche workshop put on by SAC and found it very informative and helpful. I think this is a very worthwhile program and support it fully.  Michele Kruger - 4/6/15