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USFS - San Bernardino NF - Patrol District

  I fully support the SAN BERNARDINP National Forest Patrol District grant. It seems that the San Bernardino National Forest has opened its arms wide to OHV green sticker riding in an attempt to provide legal opportunity for this type of recreation. In response to this there are increasing numbers of riders and an increase in the numbers of outlaw riders. The illegally created network of trails can be seen on google maps and cover the entire forest. Why is it that when an agency attempts to provide increased opportunity, the result seems to be increased outlaw activity by OHV enthusiasts? Is it that the USFS cannot manage the opportunity that is available, or is it because green sticker riders are out to have fun at the expense of the natural resources because they are not aware of those resources? Or is it because they do not have to have a drivers license and the ensuing risk of a citation that would threaten their license? The patrol district must step up their citation efforts and include confiscation of vehicles. Other areas of the forest that desperately need law enforcement are the non-motorized zone surrounding the biologically diverse Deep Creek corridor. The areas around Silverwood Lake, the area around the Summit Staging area as well as the Baldy Mesa Trails and the entire Big Bear Back Country Place need increased law enforcement. BLM and USFS must partner regularly for enforcement patrols along their shared boundary. Please fully fund this important grant. Jenny Wilder - 4/3/15

  The San Bernardino NF Patrol District has a yeoman task of providing education, information, and protecting natural resources. They are generally understaffed. They deserve the full grant amount requested. ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY - 4/5/15