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City of Hesperia Police Department

  I support the city of Hesperia Police Department Law Enforcement grant. Illegal off road riding in and around Hesperia negatively impacts residents in the area and this activity is getting worse. People on ATVs and motorcyles are using washes and even roads to access areas to ride illegally. One of those areas is the Mojave River bed, another is the spillway below and behind the Mojave River Dam and Summit Valley area. It is a disgrace that everywhere you look you see the damage done to private property and wildlife habitats from this activity. The City of Hesperia would greatly help its police department in this mission by having public service announcements regarding where riders can legally ride and how to get there as well as notifying "garage riders" where they are not authorized to ride. It would also be helpful if the City of Hesperia developed a brochure to be distributed to residents about the legal and unauthorized places for OHV recreation. There are no signs indicating that it is not legal to ride in the Mojave River bed along with the other areas mentioned in the grant. However, without Law Enforcement patrol and citations signs and "education" are ineffective. Dust from riders in the Mojave River envelops the homes on the eastern bank in Apple Valley when the wind is blowing (almost every afternoon/evening). Sun City is a development of 55+ residents who are suffering the consequences of this dust. OHV staging on vacant lots on the Hesperia side of the river are also now being used regularly by riders. It is my hope that the City of Hesperia has a policy to confiscate the vehicles of riders who are creating this huge expense for the city and surrounding areas. How is it possible that residents and others still do not know about the very close OHV Open Areas where they can ride legally? Why is it that they are not familiar enough with the trails on BLM and Forest lands where they can ride legally? Please help the City of Hesperia deal with this horrendous problem which also impacts other cities and county area. Jenny Wilder - 4/3/15

  I support this grant and the good work of the Hisperia PD. Karen Schambach - 4/3/15

  We are pleased to support the City of Hesperia PD's application for law enforcement grant funds. There is a dire need for increased patrols in the Mojave Riverbed area, where illegal off-roading is rampant. ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY - 4/5/15

  I support funding for the City of Hesperia Police Department Law Enforcement regarding illegal ORV activities. We need more enforcement and stronger fines and vehicle confiscation to protect residents from the noise and dust caused by illegal ORV activities. Kim F Floyd - 4/5/15

  I support the Hesperia Police Department’s grant request and in particular increased patrols in the Mojave River bed. I also suggest increased use of confiscation of vehicles and request that OHMVR should also support this and provide guidelines of when it would be appropriate. Victoria Fuller - 4/5/15

  This beautiful gateway city to the Mojave desert can be an example to all desert lovers by helping their off-road enthusiasts maintain the area as a model for other desert cities. Currently there is widespread ORV abuse in the Morongo Basin that impacts many of the residents. Poor air quality, road conditions and noise are a few of the resulting problems. Some of the suggested remedies are additional patrols in trouble-spots and on holidays, electronic message boards and PSAs, and confiscation of offender's vehicles. Please support this grant. pam nelson - 4/6/15