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USFS - Sequoia NF - Patrol District

  We are delighted to support the Sequoia NF Patrol District's grant request. The USFS Law Enforcement team has been focused, strong, and effective. Ranger Ty Davis deserves a special shout-out for his dedication and effort in working hard to protect the Pacific Crest trail from rampant dirt bike abuse that the PCT has suffered this past year. We don't believe that the USFS has asked for enough funding, considering the yeoman task that the department has to face. ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY - 4/1/15

  I fully support this grant. Law enforcement on our forest lands is in need of a lot of help. I do not support motorized patrolling of non-motorized trails and areas and that can be a challenge. The OHMVR division of state parks could be of great help here by providing a helicopter and extra patrol teams for targeted patrols in remote non-motorized areas. The forest could also consider electronic message boards on holidays and weekends along with local media public announcements about where to ride and where not to ride. Confiscation of vehicles by riders in violation are strongly suggested. Jenny Wilder - 4/3/15

  I support this grant. However, I question the wisdom of patrolling the PCT by motorcycle. The tracks generated by these patrols may only encourage additional illegal OHV use. Also, the PCT has Wilderness status and motor vehicles are not allowed in Wilderness. I appreciate the huge problem of dirt bikers on the PCT but I suggest foot patrols, with radio contact to law enforcement that can intercept illegal riders when they exit the trail. Karen Schambach - 4/3/15

  I support the grant request from the USFS Sequoia NF Patrol District to help protect the PCT from illegal and irresponsible ORV activities. Kim F Floyd - 4/5/15

  I support the USFS Sequoia NF Patrol District's grant request for funds to help protect the PCT from illegal and irresponsible ORV activities. We need stronger fines and vehicle confiscation to slow down destruction of habitat and problems of noise and dust from ORV activities. Kim F Floyd - 4/5/15

  My family and I have been avid off-roaders all of our lives and wholeheartedly support the work of the LPNF in their efforts of creation, maintenance and restoration of OHV opportunities. We ask that you fully fund all of their grant applications as they are crucial to the future of OHV. Phil Pulley - 4/5/15