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USFS - Tahoe/Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit NF - Patrol District

  As an avid off-road trail user, I am frankly disappointed that LTBMU has not applied for any grant funding for improvements to our trail system within its' jurisdiction. Minimally, there are areas on the Rubicon Trail where signage is a problem. The sign at the "Y" at Barker Pass Rd. and the Rubicon Trail has been missing for the last 2 years. This sign gave the mileages to Barker Pass, Tahoma Staging and Hiway 89. Users that are un-familiar with the area have no idea which way to go when they hit the "Y". Additionally, the sign for the Buck Lake Trail is in poor condition and our club (North Tahoe Trail Dusters) has tried since the beginning of last summer to get a replacement. This is one of our Adopt-A-Trails. We have volunteers ready to install the signs, but to date no effort has been made by LTBMU to provide for these signs, not even a request for grant money to offset costs of the signs. The Middle Fork Trail in Blackwood Canyon also is in need of proper signage. The slash that was left along the road into the Tahoma Staging Area when tree cutting and limbing operations were carried out by the CCC's has been there for two years. It is a fire hazard, yet no grant money was requested to correct this situation. The fact that no funding is being requested by LTBMU for repair/ maintenance for any 4WD trails seems to border on outright mismanagement. OHV grant funds are available to LTBMU for all of these areas of concern, yet no monies are requested by LTBMU. It is my hope that these issues can be addressed by LTBMU and appropriate changes made to the grant request. Do the right thing, avoid the costly litigation that the El Dorado Forest went through. Ask for the money! John Briggs - 3/29/15