Lake County Sheriff's Office

  District 36 MC Sports Committee has historically supported the Lake County Sheriffs Office LE Grant Applications. We appreciate the comments made on page 1, paragraph 6 in relation to the issues cited, especially the illegal dumping of materials by local residents and the identification of illegal marijuana growing issues in the area adjacent to legal areas for responsible recreation. This has been a chronic issue for decades in this area. We also appreciate the comments on Page 1, Paragraph 8 - and ask for consideration of LCSO to partner with BLM LE in the supply of officers for Permitted Special Events, and to supply LE services via an MOU regarding LE services at no additional cost for these permitted events to assist in any offsets this may produce to lower the costs of the permit process by the applicants. We view this as items discussed within the grant request and the working relationship with Federal Partners within your jurisdiction.. As OHV user community supplies the funds for these types of events, we ask for this possible consideration in assistance. Please see LE Cert, Law Enforcement - Page 2 - "We do however, provide input to the County Planning Dep't before local permits are issued for such events." Also reference Law Enforcement - Page 3 - [8] First responders for emergency on Federal lands.......... Please review Page 3- [9] Counties only. In-Lieu Funds. D36 believes 100% of these funds should go to the Lake Country SO for OHV uses only. As these funds are derived from OHV Purchasers in a Sales Tax Sharing Agreement and Lake County itself offers no OHV legal facilities, it seems to us that these funds should be used ONLY for OHV purposes, including equipment needed or to support additional LE Staff for purposes outlined in the grant application. We also ask for Education over Citation when appropriate, and applicable. Especially with the ranks of Youth that participate in motorized recreation. We believe this will build bonds of trust with the LE community. We concur with the statement on page 2 of the application, and appreciate the comments made. "The referenced BLM and NF areas is the PRIMARY focus of the OHV Enforcement team and this program." Please review PROJECT COST ESTIMATES. Specifically Direct Expenses (1) Program Expenses STAFF. D36 CANNOT support the request for ONE and ONE HALF (Time and a half)/ Overtime) for wage calculations on this Grants. This cost drops the number of hours by a huge amount, and is not acceptable. LCSO identified teams of 2-4, and 4 officers at time and one half will not go far is work hours in the field as 4 officers X 8 hours is 32 hours for ONE DAY. [$1,469.50 per day] w/o match. This would break down to ONLY 18 days of service using a 2 each 2 man crews for each of those 18 days. Either the labor cost is reduced to standard time to maximize the presence on the ground, or something else in Section 3 (1,2,3,4) and Section 5 (1,2,3,4) or Indirect Expenses in Section 1, (1)* OHV Trust fund monies paid by the user community is a scarce resource, and is supplemental funding to Staff who is already paid by the County, so adjustments need to be made especially with the lead time in organizing shifts for service. All parties involved in this Grant must realize that our dollars must be stretched as far as possible, and payment at 1 1/2 times existing salary is frustrating for us to see. D36 has ALWAYS supported LE Grants, and even went to the Legislature to INCREASE the Grant Share for LE to $5 Million per year, up from $3 Million. We ask all LE Grant Applicants to maximize the dollars allocated, and request a review by LCSO to reconsider the request for Time and Half salary request. Please sharpen your pencil on this grant, or cut expenses elsewhere... There MUST be a way to secure staff at straight time with careful staff management and the lead time the office has to implement. We have a budget to work with too.......... If this cannot be obtained, then adjust the hours of service based on time and half to straight time please or at least consider this option. D36 DOES understand overtime in an emergency situation, but this is patrol services serving the public.............We need to maximize LE on the ground for least possible expense to the OHV user community. Thank you for allowing the public to comment on this grant. Dave Pickett D36 MC Sports Committee Legislative Action Office Director.. Pioneer, CA 95666 - 3/24/15