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Amador County Sheriff's Office

  District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee [D36] SUPPORTS this Law Enforcement Grant as submitted. . The proposed project descriptions, 1/2/3/4 outlines the scope of work clearly. D36 also encourages EDUCATION OVER CITATION when applicable and appropriate, especially with youth recreationists. Efforts to build trust and relationships long term are paramount with our youth in relationship with LE officers in the field. See LE Cert, LE Enforcement - Page 2, line item 5. D36 suggests Review of LE - Page 2 line item 4 in that advisory to El Dorado Sheriffs office and EDNF be aware of 2 permitted events when they take place, and offer assistance IF needed, specifically in health and safety. D36 appreciates that Direct Expenses/Staff line 1 & 2, identify staff costs at REGULAR Time and not at Time and a Half, which would not have yielded the field hours identified. OHV Trust Fund monies are furthered by the action of the Sheriff's Office and is appreciated by the user community. D36 would like the Amador County Sheriff's Office to consider applying for Grant Funding from the OHMVRD Grants program in the future to assist in the well know SEARCH & RESCUE program that is in Amador County. D36 believes this would be a good investment for the OHV community, with materials available for that program. Please contact Grants Manager Sixto Fernandez for information on 2016 application process. Additionally, as AMADOR County continues to be involved with OHV recreation on the LE level, D36 would appreciated any assistance the office could provide in locating suitable land within Amador Country to create a facility for Amador Country to have a legal, safe and responsible area to recreate off road within and run by the county, so residents and guest would have a legal place to recreated when the USFS trails are not open due to restrictions identified in the USFS Travel Management Plan. D36 would be happy to discuss this, and would support such an operation for our OHV oriented residents. Please review Santa Clara Parks and Recreation facility known as Metcalf Cycle Park for information, and OHMVRD Grant monies available for this purpose. Dave Pickett D36 Legislative Action Office, Director Pioneer, CA 95666 CC CD 4 - McClintock SD - 1 - Berryhill AD - 5 - Bigelow AC - BOS - 3/14/15