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Southern California Mountains Foundation

  Congratulations for always brining so many volunteers hours. It is impressive. What is also impressive is that other than staff, you are only at 18% Not bad when you compare to other restoration projects spend over 56% on other than boots on the ground. Only request is that just as mentioned in forest service Restoration grant you get with the forest and plot some type of map by Polygon or whatever means and identify what has been restored in picture on map to this point and with what grant and what are you planning to cover this time. This is a way for public to understand what restoration is being used for. Another issue is that Restoration should have a direct relationship with designated trails system. I am not interested in areas that 100 years ago where used and we do not even come close to those areas. We need restoration money as a tool to keep access to our trails open, and those next to our system, closed, by sign and then restoration. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  I support the VOLUNTEERS and Volunteer program concept! I do NOT support the grant submitted by the Southern California Mountains Foundation! My comments regarding their grant are as follows. Program Expenses 1) Education Outreach Coordinator, please check the SCMF web site, there is no program coordinator listed. Please help me to understand, are we funding a coordinator or director? Who can provide this information? I my opinion, make this position part time, 20 hours, 30 hours maximum! The volunteer membership and hours are decreasing. How much time does it really take to run this program? I’ll bet a part time person with the passion and a small group of management level volunteers could operate this program more efficiently! Who is running (being paid with state grant funds) this program? I was informed that this person is out on disability, 2 year approx. If that is the case, who has taken over, a volunteer? 2) Volunteer Match Hours, why does this non-profit use $26.34 as the going rate? The Angeles National Forest uses $22.00, why the difference? Where does the public find a record of these match hours from each applicant? Others 1) Trade Show Fees, $2,400 for two shows is NOT acceptable. The trade show promoters offer non-profits a 50% discount on exhibit fees. I know of other non-profits that pay nothing to exhibit at these shows. Is this non-profit not astute enough to figure it out? A 10x10 exhibit space is all they need to pass out maps. That is all they offer, very boring if you ask me. In closing, the state needs to make changes to the OLGA grant application, Evaluation Criteria section. For applicants with a long history of funding from the state, it is this section that provides these applicants with high scores, thus confirming another year of receiving state grant funds and leaving new and smaller grants applicants with no funding. In addition, for non-profit applicants this grant funding should start up money. Funding to get started and maintain a program long enough where they can find private funding. Have a time limit set, say 5 years on the 6th year they cannot apply or receive funding from the state. This program is an example of living off the state. Time limits would create a sense of urgency to find funding! Best of Luck! Dale Johnson - 4/6/15

  See attached comments. Drew A. - 4/6/15

  See attached comments. Jim Haubner - 4/6/15

  See attached comments. Dan Simmerman - 4/6/15