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Amargosa Land Trust

  On behalf of the Student Conservation Association, we fully support this grant proposal from the Amargosa Land Trust. The monitoring work they are proposing is critically important to lay the foundation for an effective restoration program. The Trust is under effective leadership that has solid experience in desert OHV restoration. They will use these grant monies effectively and efficiently. Jay Thomas Watson - 3/20/15

  This grant is the type that will help prevent the conflicts of conservation and recreation that occur continually in our fragile desert ecosystems. This should be funded and more like it. Pam Nelson - 4/1/15

  To whom it may concern: My name is Brendan Hughes and I am in full support of the Restoration Planning grant application for the Amargosa Land Trust (Amargosa Conservancy). The Amargosa River and its surroundings contain important habitat for endangered and rare species, iconic landscapes, and intact wildlife corridors that see quite a bit of OHV abuse. This grant will allow the AC to take a systematic approach to restoration so that the efforts expended will be more durable. I support the grant as written and encourage the OHV Division to fully fund this project. Thank you for your consideration. Brendan Hughes - 4/2/15

  I support the efforts of the Amargosa Land Trust to do watershed restoration planning. We need to protect all options for watershed habitat. Kim F Floyd - 4/5/15