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Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  On behalf of the Student Conservation Association, we fully support this grant proposal and restoration projects it envisions. SCA has placed local youth crews at both sites to undertake stewardship projects and both projects are very much needed to achieve effective stewardship of the areas. Jay Watson - 3/20/15

  Applicant has failed to show why OHV funds should be used for the removal of the Jubata grass. The Jubata grass may be considered as an invasive species, but it's found in much of the San Mateo coastal region, including the Crystal Springs water basin where no OHV use occurs. See map: See description: Cortaderia jubata (jubata grass) Cortaderia jubata (jubatagrass) is a large perennial grass (family Poaceae) FOUND ALONG THE COAST OF CALIFORNIA and in the Coast Ranges. Jubatagrass favors dunes, bluffs, and disturbed areas, including inland areas where temperatures are moderated by fog. It was introduced as an ornamental plant and for erosion control. Each plume produces up to 100,000 seeds that are widely dispersed by wind and develop without fertilization. Jubatagrass quickly colonizes bare ground, but establishment is generally poor where the seedlings must compete with other grasses or sedges. Therefore, all requested funds concerning the study of the Jubata grass and the removal of the Jubata grass must be removed from this OHV grant request. Thank you Bruce Brazil CORVA - 3/29/15

  The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's mission is to create a continuous 550+-mile trail for hikers, mountain bicyclists, and equestrians along the ridgelines overlooking San Francisco Bay. To date, 360 miles of Ridge Trail are complete and open to the public, including over 40 miles in San Mateo County. In San Mateo County, we work with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC) at several sites: Milagra Ridge, Sweeney Ridge, the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed, Rancho Corral de Tierra Palomares, and the Phleger Estate. n 2015/16, the Council is collaborating with GGNPC to establish new Ridge Trail at Milagra Ridge, and to get approvals from San Francisco to open a connector trail through the City's Peninsula Watershed from the Ridge Trail to Rancho. GGNPC has a long history of success in restoring degraded habitats, improving trails, and engaging volunteers to help in all aspects of its conservation projects. Restoring the OHV damage at both sites will greatly improve not only the sites themselves, but also the trail experience for park visitors, and offers significant opportunities to boost relations with the local communities via stewardship projects. Please consider our comments in support of GGNPC's grant request. Thank you. Regards - Bern Smith Peninsula, South & East Bay Trail Director Bay Area Ridge Trail Council - 4/6/15

  I am writing to express my strong support for this project. I have been involved for over 20 years in issues related to parks, trails, and open space protection in Pacifica, and I have had only very positive interactions with the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy. They, as a strong partner with GGNRA, have been the lead organization in the restoration of Mori Point. They also created a fabulous trail system there and, in so doing, increased community awareness and participation in environmental resources and uses. This trail area in the Connemara area is an important link in the current and future trail system. I will likely become part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, and the project would, in any case, provide a significant improvement to the area, which is currently severely degraded. It will serve the community by creating an important trail connection from the coastal part of Pacifica up to Milagra Ridge (which is also endangered species habitat). Thank you for considering these comments and I am sure many other trail advocates in town hope this project will get funded. Paul Jones - 4/6/15

  Please review this grant carefully. This grant is listed is GGN Parks Conservancy THIS YEAR, but was known as the PACIFIC LAND TRUST RESTORATION grant last year. See G13-04-62-RO1 Please also note that in 2014, the amount requested was $1,177,325.00 and received $1,139,274.00 (Million) in Grant Funding. (Match unknown) For 2015, under a new name but the EXACT SAME AREA, the grant applicant, now known as golden Gate National Park Service & Parks Conservancy, they are asking for $1,176,006.00, which is just a mere $319,000.00 difference from year to year. WATCH FOR CUT AND PASTE FROM YEAR TO YEAR. THE ARGUEMENTS ARE THE SAME AS LAST YEAR, and they are complaining OHV resource damage, but do NOT supply any proof of this new activity of damage. Ask for Police Reports to justify this grant. Last year, the Grant applicant received $1,139,274.00 for restoration, and this year are citing the same areas for MORE restoration dollars in the same area. Last year, D36 complained about this, as multiple owners had this property before the Pacific Land Trust got it, KNOWING of the condition of the property BEFORE they purchased. District 36 Members are not served by this abuse of restoration Grant dollars going to a project last year citing the damage claimed, that was in fact known by purchasers at the time of sale, WHICH in fact was identified BEFORE their was even and OHV program. In the grant, they cite damage from purchase in 1987, nearly 30 years ago. A whopping 247 acres. In 2011, the NPS acquired Rancho Corral de Tierra, and are now back at the OHV trough looking for more trust fund money. they claim OHV resource damages, again, and they claim "data" will directly support assessment of the erosion caused by OHV. District 36 makes claim of requesting ALL police reports on this and prior issues claimed by Grant Applicant, with documentation and dates. If NOT supplied by Grant Approval process date, then consider this as a Public Records Act request by D36 Et Al. Please not intended use of 4000 acres is intended equestrian trails......... Identification of damage is claimed by police reports and neighbor reports and You Tube Videos. These need to be supplied to the Grant Administrators for review PRIOR to issuance of approval and funding. Again, some of the uses include hikers, equestrians, Mt. Bikers and OHV. In Section "b" 2nd paragraph, it identifies "remnant vehicles." these need identification, as sounds like trash that was deposited in the form of street legal vehicles, and not OHV recreation units left behind. Serial numbers need to be provided, and Police can identify by frame, engine numbers. Keep in mind, this area was ridden by OHV when it was legal, going back to the 1950's. When will claims by people who PURCHASED this property cease, when they had FULL knowledge that not only OHV recreation took place when it was legal, and tractors were used in the area AFTER it was closed to OHV. This will not stop until State Parks demands proof, including inspection. In the project description, they claim continued on-going entry of OHV into the area. Is the NPS remiss in not protecting the property adequately by hiring security personal to protect the property if this is truly taking place. For this grant to move forward, D36 makes request that ALL purchase agreements of ALL buyers be posted so the public can review any and all documents of purchase, buyer concessions, condition of properties statement, how sold ( As-Is) waivers or agreements, and FUNDING sources for the purchase of said properties, including all "Conditions of Sale" that may exist. This information is requested going back to when the motorcycle park was sold, forward to date. If this information is not made public, within the grant, then it appears a Federal Agency, NPS, us using the OHV Trust Fund for funds for Restoration Grant monies that may NOT be legal. To the public, this appears to be a way for environmental activities in the area, to be paid for by a program that did not intend for Trust Fund monies to be used for Federal Projects when the clarity and sales documents are not made public, and the possibility that grant money issuance by a Trust Fund of the State of California may be in violation of public laws. Again, please compare closely the request of 2014 against 2015, and if an AUDIT of the 2014 or prior grants have not been done, then please postpone any more financial allocations until said Audits have been completed and made public. In closing, I want to remind the OHMVRD that San Mateo County does NOT offer any kind of legal OHV opportunity, and in the past, were stripped of all In-Lieu Funds from vehicle sales taxes, and said In-Lieu funds were re-directed to Counties that do in fact offer legal OHV opportunities, alone or in partnerships. Respectfully submitted on behalf of District 36 Motorcycles Sports Committee. Dave Pickett, D36 MC Sports - 4/6/15