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  The grant regulations only allow for first line supervisorial staff. There are four other staff being paid for in the grant proposal: Technical Supervisor, Housing Coodinator, Food Shopper, and Operations Director These four staff positions and their fringe benefits need to be removed from the proposal. Jason Ashley - 3/19/15

  Restoration is over subscribed and we need to make sure that all restoration dollars have some tie in to the designated route system. I order to do this proper maps of areas to be restored should be provided, i.e. what are the Polygons to be restored and what other areas in vicinity have been restored to get a better picture exactly what we are getting for this $ $440.000 dollars . Normally 3 years is 156 weeks, This grants say it will do work in 72 weeks. It states there is a map, but public does not have access to it, to see how this relates to designated route system. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  Another good grant that will help preserve the experience for all desert lovers. More of these types of grants should be funded. Pam Nelson - 4/1/15