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BLM - Palm Springs South Coast Field Office

  Last year we commented on South Coast FO projects. We remain concerned that there is a significant lack of connectivity between route segments because of intervening private land and other planning concerns. The proposal is for moderate funding to support a recreation planner and some field workers mainly to do some signage. The proposal doesn't appear to support much in the way of erosion maintenance because there is no request for equipment operators, equipment use or rental, or hand crews. We rely on local residents to identify what little opportunity for OHV use is left in this area, and whether it merits state grant support. In the past this Field Office has focused on route closure, restoration, and extremely limited routes designation which has not favored public access to BLM lands. Bruce Whitcher - 3/17/15

  Ground operations does really not tell me exactly what are we are getting for $85,531 dollars. We have not miles of trails to be maintained or signed, or how many miles are open to Green sticker and what amount open to four wheel drive, or street legal vehicles. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  Restoration to this parcel of land, though well intended, if premature for restoration. Any work has done on an area that "supposedly" is not open to the public, will just be run over by all and restoration work lost. We the demand on restoration dollars, those dollars need to go to projects that have a designated trail system, and to maintain that quality , routes no long in service need to be restored. There is a link between Designated routes and Restoration. This project has non of the above. It is located next to a business, and clear from pictures locals enjoy this riding areas. What reach out has been done to identify the users, and what other areas can be provided for them. $292,776 is a lot of money from a budget that is over subscribed by millions. More thought should be put into this on how to manage it. Right now a few signs as shown on picture is really not management, it is just putting up a sign and walking away, expecting miracles. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  SW Riverside Co. and No. San Diego co. is in great need of BLM rangers. There are many parcels that are adjacent to conserved and wilderness land is this region. There are no BLM resources to cover this vast area. We are in dire need of help. Hikers and equestrians, as well as responsible off-roaders need support of law enforcement to enjoy and act responsibly in these areas where use of designated routes by drivers and riders is important for all user safety and protection of the area that we all value. Pam Nelson - 4/1/15

  Ground operations spends way to much for signs. What about actual ground operations like staging areas, trash cans and rest room maintenance? Steeke peak restoration, really need $42k for LE? How dangerous is restoration? Ed Stovin - 4/5/15