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Ridgecrest Police Department

  To whom it may concern: I would like to comment on the Ridgecrest Police Department 's application for GCA-14/15 funds. There are no legal OHV trails or areas within the City of Ridgecrest. The areas where OHV use is permitted immediately outside the Ridgecrest city limits fall under the jurisdiction of the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office and the Kern County Sheriff's Office. Both the BLM and KCSO have law enforcement personnel operating out of their respective offices located within the city of Ridgecrest. Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments regarding this application. Sincerely, Jeff Johnson - 3/16/15

  Dear Sir or Madam: I would like to submit my comments the regarding Ridgecrest Police Department's application for the OHV grant. I am a resident of Ridgecrest and oppose their preliminary application. I am not affiliated in way with any of the agencies mentioned in this opposition letter. The city is requesting grant monies to purchase a Polaris ATV which is a completely fictitious need and a fraudulent request. The Ridgecrest Police Department current owns the equipment necessary to enforce OHV regulations and OHV city ordinances within the city limits. There are absolutely no roads within the city limits they can not access with their current inventory of vehicles. All roads, paved or dirt, are accessible with their current two wheel drive vehicles. I understand they may assist other local agencies in the surrounding area. However they are unable to enforce OHV within their city limits with the equipment and personnel they currently have let alone outside the city limits. Providing the Ridgecrest Police Department with grant money for the resources listed in their application would be a waste of taxpayer monies. This grant money would be better allocated to the BLM Ridgecrest office, the Kern County Sheriff, or the San Bernardino County Sheriff to patrol and enforce OHV activity outside the Ridgecrest city limits. All of the legal OHV areas outside the Ridgecrest city limits falls under the jurisdiction of these three agencies, not the city of Ridgecrest. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further explanation. Thank you for the opportunity to comment of this application. It would be a shame if the City of Ridgecrest received this grant money over another local agency with a much greater need that actually patrols the local areas mentioned in their application. D. Palermo - 3/22/15

  The Ridgecrest Police Department is in need of continued funding to maintain and to replace aging OHV equipment. They support various activities associated with the OHV nature of the city of Ridgecrest. Persistent educational out reach, OHV enforcement, assisting multiple agencies (Kern County Sheriff, BLM and Joint Task Force agencies) and training. All of which create normal wear and tear on the equipment. Operations and maintenance of the equipment is essential to the overall safety of the officers involved and to the health of the OHV Enforcement Team. Many times officers and volunteer personnel have deployed to very remote portions of Kern county for law enforcement activities, aircraft crash sites, or search and rescue activities. OHVs can be rapidly deployed and cover a lot of ground quickly when time is of the essence. Please continue to fund this activity as it protects public health and safety. Mike Biddlingmeier - 4/1/15