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El Dorado County Sheriff's Department

  I've ridden these trails for years. There is minimal crime occurring out here that deserves nearly half a million dollars. Please put these fund to better use than creating a "fun" job riding around on OHV trails. I'm embarrassed for you. Gerry Fogel - 3/16/15

  This grant states it will patrol several areas within the Eldorado NF, but only describes activities on the Rubicon Trail. I support the Rubicon Patrols. The great unmet need in this county is for Sheriff patrols of illegal use on county roads, particularly in the Rock Creek area. I'm not aware of a need for law enforcement on Barrett Trail, and with only one vehicle capable of patroliing these rough roads, it is unclear how multiple jeep trails would be patrolled. The grantee should explain the need, type and frequency of patrols in all the areas it says will be patrolled. Karen Schambach - 4/3/15