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Adventure Trail System of the Eastern Sierra Inc.

  This is a great program and it is very important that it get properly cared for. This grant needs to add a provision for a large trash dumpster. We can pack it in and pack it out but we need a place to put the trash when we are done having fun. Mike Johnston - 3/16/15

  As submitted, the preliminary ATSES GO submittal to perform maintenance of signs and trails and to develop a map for the Poleta Open Area is currently limited to just the BLM part of the Poleta area (approximately 60% of the open area). The Poleta area is jointly managed by the Bishop Area BLM and Inyo NF. Creating a map and/or educational materials that do not cover the entire area is problematic at many levels, and makes no sense in managing the area or providing quality recreational experiences to visitors. The Inyo National Forest has since met with the applicant and requests that this application specifically include coordination with the Inyo NF in the development of mapping and other public information materials, such as kiosk messaging, posters, and text on maps. The Forest also sees opportunities for the applicant to assist with boundary marking for the open area on USFS lands, and would be willing to work with the applicant on signing certain routes within the USFS portion of the Poleta Open Area. The Forest does not anticipate substantial, if any, additional costs by the applicant, since changes to the actual field work will likely be just a few days for each volunteer and incidental time for the "coordinator". The main changes will be in working with the USFS in messaging and mapping. Assuming these changes are incorporated into the final application, Forest Supervisor Ed Armenta has agreed to submit a letter of coordination/authorization for the ATSES to conduct activities on USFS lands in the Poleta area, which can be submitted with the Final Ap. The Forest can work with the ATSES during the month of April to make changes in the text (and cost estimate if necessary) for this application. Inyo National Forest  - 4/4/15