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USFS - Pacific Southwest Region

  I would ask that any and all grants disseminated to the various Nation Forest Off-Highway Vehicle programs be limited to 50% of the proposed grant monies if that Forest abides by the California State OHV Green/Red sticker guide lines. Even though Riders of red sticker OHVs pay the full $52.00 bi-annual registration fees they  are limited to only partial year use in State SVRAs due to 'environmental' concerns of air quality.  Several National Forest districts have chosen to abide by the state mandated riding periods for red sticker OHVs even though there is no state mandated smog check program requirements for on road vehicles in their counties. Thank you for your time... David Cantrell - 3/13/15

  See attached letter.   Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 4/3/15

  This is a wonderful application on site stewardship and archaeological resources (CASSP), and I think it should be funded. It is a shame that more proposals do not include a component that examines our collective history and prehistory in the USA. Having information on the state of archaeological sites, and their degradation over time, is important in future planning. As well, running workshops to train site stewards is important. All the line items in the budget are appropriate. Please fund this proposal. Jelmer Eerkens - 4/6/15