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Kern County Sheriff's Office

  What is the rational for requesting deputy expenses at an overtime hourly rate? Equipment rental fees are in excess of $70,000 dollars to be used during various patrols. Why does this necessitate paying for a Jeep Wrangler replacement for an additional $46,500? The rental fees appear excessive when it’s more cost efficient to purchase a new vehicle. Please provide evidence illegal trespass is curtailed for funds requested. Commissioner Diana Perez - 3/15/15

  Motorcycle riders are damaging the Pacific CREST National SCENIC trail in Kern County. This is destroying the integrity of the trail, which is for hiking and equestrian use and is a national treasure that brings people not only from all corners of the USA but also from all parts of the world. Effective Law enforcement efforts must be used from this grant to STOP this illegal activity. However, it has come to my attention that Law Enforcement is using motorcycles on the PCT. Motorcycle riding LE officers on the PCT are not the answer and must STOP. They too leave their tracks and damage the tread making it much more difficult for hikers with heavy packs. In addition to the damage, this riding activity poses a safety risk. Law enforcement in an area where there is damage and illegal riding and where there are no legal OHV trails is a challenge and citations should be more of a deep pocket experience for the perpetrators. Education is not effective without adequate and strong enforcement. How is it with so many miles of legal trails and OHV open areas there is still a huge problem with illegal riding and damage seen everywhere? It is time for the OHMVR division to step up their support and offer the use of a helicopter for these remote areas and the OHMVR division could develop teams of LE officers, retired LE officers etc. for targeted patrols to supplement other agency efforts. Law enforcement patrolling should be subject to transparency and accountability. The OHMVR division must publish the results of the grant funds online. That doesn't mean the public has to have detailed information about citations, but it does mean that each agency grant should have to PUBLISH how many patrols and how many citations and in which areas those citations were made. Kern County boasts a huge number of OHV visitors, but how many citations? Time to think out of the box: Increased patrol on holidays and weekends are a good idea, but how about public announcements and electronic message boards explaining where it is legal to ride and where it is not legal? Kern County Sheriff could also consider using social media to get the message out. Also, confiscation of vehicles of riders who don't follow the rules should be used to deter outlaw activity. Jenny Wilder - 4/3/15

We appreciate all your hard work. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend. You will find our comments with regard to KCSO's grant request attached. Thank you, Mesonika Piecuch - 4/5/15

  I do not support this grant application. This agency is not effective in reducing the damage done to habitat and peace and quiet in its jurisdiction. Kim F Floyd - 4/5/15

  Kern County Sheriff will need help patrolling so much legal OHV opportunity. This grant should be funded as fully as possible, Ed Stovin - 4/5/15