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San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

  This equipment would provide access to many areas not normally accessed by patrol vehicles. This vehicle would assist all emergency services in the area and would reduce response time to emergency incidents. Allen Grogan - 3/13/15

 I am very familiar with the areas described in this grant. I frequently ride my UTV in these areas and I see a definite need for these services that will be provided if this grant is approved. A high percentage of the winter and summer visitors to these areas ride ATV/UTVs and hike the trails. Approval of this grant will improve the Law Enforcement, safety and Search and Rescue ability of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, providing a great service to all the users. I highly recommend approval. You may contact me for additional information, thanks, James Barlow - 3/13/15

 See attached letter. Rick Daniels, City Manager, City of Needles - 3/31/15

  San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department grants propose to patrol legal and illegal OHV areas throughout a huge area. These grants are needed to protect legal OHV. Ed Stovin - 4/5/15