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BLM - Arcata Field Office

  As a resident of Humboldt County, I would like to thank BLM for the access to the Samoa Recreational Area. As the sole OHV area in our county I frequently bring my truck and my friends bring theirs to enjoy this site. I really enjoy the obstical area and I thank Bruce Cann for helping to make it better every year. Samoa is a wonderful place with so much to offer, and I love how vehicle recreation can be had alongside non-vehicle recreation. My only fear is the user base is growing with more and more people getting into motorized sports and having out riding areas diminish will over crowd our small area. Expanding the Obstical Area could alleviate a lot of this by offering a lot to do in a small section of the Recreational Area. I support Bruce's recommendation to repair the wood post and rope fencing as the dunes have, and will always, moved and most of this fence is buried or broken. I respect the natural areas and would like to see them maintained. Thank you for these opportunities, Jerome Kief - 3/10/15

  Law enforcement on BLM lands is in great need of funds. The safety of the OHVers, non-OHvers and the habitat are at stake. Fund law enforcement. Pam Nelson - 4/1/15

  See attached letter.   Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 4/3/15