BLM - Ukiah Field Office

  I am a frequent user of the Cow Mountain OHV trail system and a member of the North Bay Motorcycle Club. For the past several years trail maintenance at Cow Mountain has been deficient due to an arrangement of sharing a Sweco tool with another Field Office and then the failure of the tool and the subsequent prolonged resolution to the situation. Currently there is a backlog of maintenance needs requiring a strong commitment by the Ukiah Field Office to bring the trail system back to a well maintained system. This can not be accomplished without a Sweco tool dedicated to the Ukiah Field Office. I have been involved in conversations with the Ukiah Field Office personnel and feel they are OHV supporters and are committed to returning Cow Mountain to a well maintained OHV system. I encourage the OHV Commission to grant this request. Ron McDonell - 3/9/15

  I am a firm believer in managed OHV in California and appreciate the Law Enforcement plan as proposed by Ukiah BLM staff. I am opposed, however, to item 4 under Law Enforecment. At an organized OHV event where an organization has obtained a permit from BLM all of the club members are riding motorcycles with green stickers and all of the participants are riding motorcycles with green stickers. Everybody present has contributed to law enforcement at Cow Mountain through the green sticker program. To require the sponsoring club to pay additional money for law enforcement at a permitted event feels unethical to me. I know the issue is with BLM procedures, but if there is any leverage the OHV Commission can apply to correct the situation it would benefit OHV statewide. Thank you for your consideration. Ron McDonell - 3/24/15

  See attached letter.   Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 4/3/15

  RE: BLM Ukiah LE Grant This LE grant covers multiple use areas, and while KRA does not permit Special use permitted events, it does so in the SCMOHVMA with multiple permitted events. Usage and visitor day counts is very high, and will continue to grow in the future. D36 appreciates the tri-Sheriffs office collaborative agreements for extra patrols, especially for illegal activities and dumping which is known in this area by locals.(MOU) D36 believes in Education over Citation, when and where appropriate. Long term, especially with youth riders, constructive communications does more long term for respect of officers, and again, where appropriate. Under LE Certification, Law Enforcement - Page 2 (4), D36 would ask for re-consideration on permitted event law enforcement costs that are charged to the permit applicants for special events.. As the user community MUST have current registered and legal vehicle to recreate in this area, and the fact that this Grant for LE services is being PAID for the same users, this appears to be double dipping, as funding for the BLM comes from personal federal taxes, as well as fuel taxes sharing and OHV registration fees that assisted in paying for this grant. Other BLM areas DO NOT charge LE fee's for special events, and ask the applicant to do a HARD look at this cost levied to the user community JUST because it is a special event. In the Contracts area (2) the CLETS Dispatch charge of $5,000 needs to be reviewed. While the Match is $5,000, we believe the 3 counties involved should share more due to In-Lieu Funds they receive from OHV sales taxes, and applied to this portion as a larger share. While D36 support LE, it appears this section would be used primarily for NIGHT LE activities, and targeted towards the general public, as in most cases night operations for OHV activity would be nil to none. A fractional percentage of OHV folks ride at night, and thus is geared towards the identified in the project description, inside of paragraph 5, "criminal history files" " wanted suspect files" and "potentially dangerous individuals" and "safety for other visitors." D36 believes this need is geared towards illegal drug or grow areas, illegal dumping, or other things that are NOT OHV recreation related. We would rather see the financial effort go towards legal operation by the 131,000+ recreation visitors per the OHV visitation days identified in the GA Requirement statement. We would rather see the CLETS funds to emergency response and medical issues, and funding for CLETS obtained elsewhere, such as the In-Lieu Funds obtained by the Counties identified as collaborative partners - as the In-Lieu funds come from the OHV community already. D36 concurs with comments made by the Blue Ribbon Coalition within the id of G14-01-17-LO1, with the exception to comments submitted above. Reminder. It was the OHV community, that pushed increased funding to LE grants from $3 M TO .$5 M contained within SB742 so that LE is fully supported for OHV LE Grants, and specific to OHV recreation. District 36 supports this grant, with request for consideration to the above mentioned items for adjustment or alternatives to maximize the value of the grant. D36 appreciates the Match dollars and commitment to OHV by the grant applicants... Dave Pickett District 36 MC Sports Committee, Inc. - 4/6/15

  RE: Ground Ops - G14-01-17-GO1 D36 supports the comments submitted by Blue Ribbon Coalition as submitted. D36 also believes that the purchase of the much needed Sutter 500 Bulldozer, while expensive - is necessary for this area. in the short term, but most especially the long term. This piece of machinery should last for many years, and will allow backlogged trail/road maintenance to be completed, then maintained to Green Status longer. D36 assumes the Heavy Equipment operation labor portion will start post delivery of the Sutter Bulldozer. D36 supports the purchase of 2 ea. Dual Sport MC for patrol use. (5) Equipment purchases. D36 recommends that STAFF be trained to Remove and Replace the air filters regularly, ESPECIALLY in dusty Summer conditions. Experience has shown longevity of the vehicle GREATLY increases the service life of motorcycles used in this environment. Over the years, we have heard horror stories of improperly maintained vehicles by agencies using vehicles such as this, and causing excessive wear and tear, becoming very costly for a simple maintenance item. We would suggest you have 4-6 air filter units on hand at all times. One day of patrol in adverse dust conditions could warrant a filter change at the end of ONE day. This is VERY CHEAP insurance for longevity of the vehicle, and simple to do. The vehicle will run better, start easier, and will emit LESS pollution.. D36 does have an issue with OHV funds being used for Abandoned vehicle Removal. Please check to see if the Counties have a Registration Fund Fee tied into abandoned vehicle removal that is charged to all Registered Vehicles that have a Street License Plate. Amador County for example, has this fee attached into the DMV registration Fee paid each year, that is $5.00 per vehicle. It is NOT charge for OHV vehicles, and I am assuming these are dumped cars and trucks that need to be removed and hauled away. If the Counties of which this area is located, please contact them for abandoned vehicle removal IF a Fee is charged to which the County receives funding for such action. As it is listed in the Project Descriptions, (A) paragraph 4, then it must be a serious issue. Again, OHV funds need to go to OHV projects, not removing abandoned cars and trucks IF their is an alternative as described above. It is unfortunate that scarce resources must be used for cameras to assist in stopping vandalism, but seems necessary in this area due to vandalism incidents that have plagued the area. I would be surprised if this is done by the OHV community. District 36 supports this Grant as submitted with consideration to the comments made. Dave Pickett D36 MC Sports Committee, Inc. - 4/6/15