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Plumas County Public Works

  Please provide more clarification why a 2nd. county ROV and trailer, helmets, etc. will need to be purchased for this planning /mapping project. The application indicates Plumas Co. already owns an ROV and trailer and 2 volunteers with a ROV and ATV are identified to assist with the work. Also clarify why the purchase of GPS equipment and a camera is needed. Couldn't this equipment and OHV vehicles be borrowed from the County, Lassen NF or Friends of the High Lakes to access the trails? I'm familiar with GPS/GIS mapping in the High Lakes, which will only take about a week. New equipment purchases should be explained to justify the cost for a week's worth of work. Annual inspections of trail conditions for maintenance work also takes a few days each summer. I believe there are other options available to access the area besides the planned purchases when it appears they won't get much use. Please describe who will be doing soil/water quality, cultural and special status species monitoring and what monitoring protocols you will be using. Indicate if photo reference points are planned as part of your monitoring strategy of the trails and motor vehicle impacts. Thank you. Elizabeth Norton - 3/9/15

  SAC is fully supportive of outreach to our communities, and we will offer volunteers to help in this educational effort. Sierra Access Coalition - 4/6/15

  The Four Trees Road has been a controversial issue for years, and gates have prevented the public from using this road which is the only access to the Bucks Lake/Four Trees area from Hwy 70. This is an extremely important route and we support it 100%. We commend Butte County for proposing this project and Sierra Access Coalition will offer any volunteer help that is needed. This project is very important to OHVers. Sierra Access Coalition - 4/6/15

  The Four Corners OHV Track was built by Sierra Access Coalition volunteers several years ago. Due to lack of funding, it requires heavy maintenance. We support this project and will offer surveyors, designers, and labor to accomplish this project. Sierra Access Coalition - 4/6/15

  The High Lakes Trail System is a unique area for OHVs, camping, and enjoying the beauty of the lakes. Many families have used this area for decades and wish to have their families continue to use it for generations. Planning for this area is crucial and we support this project 100%.  Sierra Access Coalition - 4/6/15