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San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office

  As a citizen for many years in San Luis Obispo County i have had the pleasure with my children and grandchildren as well as many friends who visit. We have greatly enjoyed the parks and awesome safety and beauty of our county. I fully agree and concur we need this grant to assist with State parks for off road enforcement, public safety and Keeping our parks SAFE AND FRIENDLY. I have read the report and agree with it in it's entirety. I recommend this grant be approved and granted to our awesome Sheriff's Department-so we all can continue to enjoy a safe and healthy community. As a former Law Enforcement official this is a great grant and will benefit the safety and security of all including our first responders. Support this grant 100% Yes Scott Barnes - 3/8/15

  I would like to submit my full support and backing of our San Luis Obispo Sheriff''s Department's request for this grant. This is one of the finest Sheriff's Department in California and this grant would help the entire public, safety and assist the search and rescue division. The need for equipment for enforcement and safety of off road use is greatly needed and fully support awarding this grant to the Sheriff's Dept. to assist the States parks Department as well. Scott Barnes - 3/8/15