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Placer County Sheriff's Office

  In general, I am in favor of this grant. I applaud the effort of the Placer County’s Sherriff’s office to get patrols out on the OHV trails within Placer County. Their presence on our trails will make them safer and as a result, more user and family friendly. But unlike a side-by-side 4wd, a Jeep Rubicon will be used for purposes other than OHV patrolling. That being said, I would like to see Placer County pay for a larger percentage of this grant, say 50% not the 25% currently proposed. I would hope that Placer County shops around for a better price for the proposed lift kit and accessories. The costs listed are VERY high. I could make money buying these items at full retail and selling them to Placer County for the proposed costs. Doug Barr - 3/9/15