Town of Truckee Police Department

   I support this application. As an easily accessible wilderness area, Truckee puts the great outdoors within easy reach of many people, both locals and tourists. But the ease of access can also be a burden. Protecting the recreational areas and those who use them makes sense to help assure that generations to come will also be able to enjoy this beautiful area. The combined approach of enforcement and education proposed by Truckee PD meets these needs. Morgan Staines - 3/4/15

  I am a part time resident of Truckee and an avid user of local OHV trails, a number of which are included as part of the area covered by this enforcement grant request. The US Forest Service is responsible for maintaining and enforcing rules on BLM land and is allocated budget accordingly. From what I understand, this grant request takes funds from the US Forest Service's budget. This does not make sense as the US Forest Service Rangers are trained extensively to do their jobs. Why would the Truckee Police Department take focus off of protecting the citizens of Truckee and enforcing all applicable laws to patrol OHV trails which are the responsibility of the US Forest Service? I am opposed to the grant request. Jerry DiMaggio - 3/4/15

  Most of the areas identified in this grant application are forest service land, some are in placer county. Ohv funds are for developing ohv recreation opportunities. Many of the issues identified in this request are not inside the town limits of Truckee. The Truckee PD is involved outside the town limits because they are a Full time 24/7 police department. Often their full time presence results in Placer Co. Sheriff, Nevada Co. sheriff, and the USFS Law enforcement officers not responding in a timely manner. This grant overlaps with a grant by the Tahoe National Forest also claiming it will be used for education and enforcement. The town of Truckee grant needs to identify OHV issues/ solutions INSIDE the town limits. California OHV funds have been directed away from developing new, and maintaining existing OHV opportunities for too many years. Many Law enforcement issues could be reduced or eliminated if the OHV money was spent on developing and identifying OHV areas. Stu Wik - 3/4/15

  To Whom it may concern; I have lived in Truckee for 24 years. During that period of time I have witnessed large purchases by the ever expanding agencies of the town of Truckee. The latest of concern to me is the application for grant money to fund staff, motorcycles, and a vehicle for the Truckee police department to patrol local OHV areas. This request is not only redundant but far more costly than necessary. For example: the Forest service does the same job on a motorcycle purchased new and outfitted costing, $4500.00. The requested funds are far more than necessary. Secondly, both the forest service as well as the sherif's department already regularly patrol the areas that are now being considered by the Truckee police department. This redundancy is absolutely un-necessary, and brings into serous question the true purpose of the expenditure as well as the additional costs of funds to maintain the salaries necessary to redundantly police the areas under this grant request. Furthermore, I for one have been paying into the OHV fund since it's early inception in the 1970's. I have witnessed nothing more than closures and policing of OHV areas, instead of the creation of OHV based public land use. This redundant request further confirms the mis-use of funds that have been collected for decades, and are continually being mis- appropriated. Please seriously consider my comments, as well as others that have taken the time to voice their opinions and comments regarding this matter. Regards Steve Smith - 3/5/15

  Response to The Truckee Police Department’s proposal to patrol Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation (OHV) and US Forest area’s around Truckee. There is no REAL justification for the Truckee Police Department to patrol anything else but the Town of Truckee and its limits. The Grant the Truckee Police Department wrote gives the public no facts to justify the expense for this. If the Truckee Police Department wants to be granted the funds for this program. They need to supply some real facts about usage of the area and how many and what types of call currently law enforcement and US Forest Service are responding to in the last few years. If the Truckee Police Department cannot supply this type of data. They need to pay for usage studies of the area first. The Grant cost is not correct at all. The true cost would be at least three times what the grant asked for. Truckee Police Department is not trained nor do they have any experience in law enforcement in the Off Road environment at all. Truckee and the surrounding area currently has three local and one federal agencies covering the area now from a law enforcement and safety needs. Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, Nevada County Search and Rescue and The US Forest Service. Chris Kruss - 3/7/15

  As a previous property owner and current frequent visitor to the Truckee area, I see no need to have the Truckee police harboring the cost of policing the wilderness area when there are already government agencies doing just that. The Truckee police department proposal is statistically unclear of the need for such a program. I do not support the decision to have the Truckee police department finance the OHV recreation program. Karl Brosing - 3/8/15

  As a previous property owner and current frequent visitor to the Truckee area, I see no need to have the Truckee police of harboring the cost of policing the wilderness area when there are already government agencies doing just that. The Truckee police department proposal is statistically unclear of the need for such a program. I do not support the decision to have the Truckee police department finance the OHV recreation program. Kim Brosing - 3/8/15

  I feel that this grant is an attempt for the truckee pd to justify using public funds to police areas where there is no need for their presence. The usfs already patrols the areas put forth in their grant proposal. Spending 100,000 dollars to buy the police a new fleet of motorcycles and a vheicle to transport said motorcycles is a blantant waste of taxpayer money. If the Truckee PD doesnt have enough police work arounf the city limits, then have them work fewer hours, not find an excuse to get paid by the public to go on joyrides by dirtbike. Kris Thomas - 3/8/15

  The proposal to patrol the forest around the town of Truckee is unnecessary and, to me, this seems to be a method of recruitment. The Truckee Police Department already has a stand up paddle board patrol for Donner Lake and there is no factual basis for the grant's justification. Mandy Pruitt - 3/12/15

  Hi there. I have been using the off road system in the Truckee and Tahoe area for over 35 years and I see no need to have it patrolled. Please feel free to call me if you like. Many thanks for your concern. Pete Lyhne - 3/13/15

  I do not support this grant application. It is redundant and an inefficient use of public resources and OHV funds. We already have USFS law enforcement and OHV officers in the areas the Truckee Police are concerned about. We also have Sherrifs in these areas. The bottom line for me is that Truckee Police already possess SUVs capable of travelling in any of the proposed patrol locations, using $100,000 of OHV funds to buy a jacked up truck is not nessecary. Please do not use OHV funds for this purpose. Thank you for hearing my opinion. Daron Huck - 3/15/15

  I do not wish to see ohv funds go to the town of truckee police department for services the forest service is already funded for. Steven Oest - 3/16/15

  There is no factual basis provided in the grant application to justify the grant funds to the Truckee Police Department. There are already multiple agencies that serve the needs of OHV users including the County Sheriffs, USFS, and Search and Rescue. If the Police department feels the need to patrol forest service roads to break up teen parties, they already have multiple vehicles that are more than adequate. This is just another example of how superfluous the Truckee Police Department is. Please don't waste OHV funds by extending this grant. It is true that the number of OHV users has increased over the years. Funds should be used to provide more legal areas to recreate that match the increased demand and maintaining existing areas such as Prosser Pits. David Doherty - 3/25/15

  I am AGAINST the grant for an OHV. I feel like Truckee Police should use their $25,000 for other proposes. Also there was no mention of vehicle maintenance nor upkeep. The areas described already have their own federal or state services policing them. As well as the majority of the areas described are accessible by the 4 wheel drive vehicles they already possess. I am an avid runner, mountain biker, and motorcycled and have seen a large presence of agencies already in the forests surrounding Truckee. Thank you, Nikki Wagner - 3/26/15