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Placer County Department of Public Works

  Please support this grant application for work on the Rubicon Trail. This is very important to the long term health of the trail and its environs. Thank you. Nancy DeRodeff - 3/4/15

  As indicated in the grant, keeping the Rubicon trail open to OHV use should be a priority for the OHV program. This request addresses short term need s and provides valuable tools for the long term.  M. Mondloch - 3/5/15

  I support this grant. Documenting the location of the trail and the seasonal water crossings is critical to the future of the trail. By detailing where possible seasonal water crossing are located, future grants will be able to address the stabilization and hardening of each crossing ensuring clean water, healthy forests and open trails. Please fully fund this grant. Doug Barr - 3/23/15

  Subject: Placer County Planning grant G14-03-48-P01 As the Vice President of the Rubicon Trail Foundation I am providing grant input on behalf of the foundation. The foundation supports this grant project that proposes to plan future work on the Rubicon Trail that will make the trail more environmentally friendly. This inventory style planning effort is the first step in prioritizing projects and will provide a long term database of work needed and work completed. The foundation is concerned about the lack of a support and local knowledge that this grant supports. Due to the extensive amount of time required by county personnel in this remote area, it is our recommendation that Placer County add at least two support personnel and a vehicle to provide logistical support; meals, sleeping arrangements, camping gear, water, etc. We would also recommend that a local trail user with long term experience on the trail be utilized for local knowledge to assist with trail landmarks for future mapping use. We also believe that some scoring opportunities have been missed. For example, question 3 in the evaluation section was left unanswered. We believe that camping, hiking, and fishing should have been checked as this trail is routinely used to access those opportunities. This would improve grant scoring and improve the chances of this important grant being awarded. We also noted that the county inadvertently listed less than the allowed 15% charge for Indirect Costs on this project. We would recommend that the full 15% be included in the revised combined project for administrative costs and county overhead related to the grants. Thank you for your consideration. John Arenz Vice President Rubicon Trail Foundation - 3/31/15