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BLM - Bishop Field Office

  The Barstow [sic] field office has shown through exaggeration of cost and creative budgeting a willingness to collect more than delivered. The Department of the interior funds these operations from tax and fees. The Barstow BLM has become a revenue source for the Department of the interior. I am highly opposed to granting any more funds to the Barstow BLM without the GAO or an outside auditor reviewing the current income and expense of this field office. The State OHV funds can be better spent on State OHV park procurement. The state funds should not be spent on Federal projects! Robert Koch - 3/4/15

  Alabama Hills is a wonderful area and deserves more attention. It is important that the 4x4 access be continued and maintained. Mike Johnston - 3/16/15

  Restoration to this parcel of land, though well intended, if premature for restoration. Any work has done on an area that "supposedly" is not open to the public, will just be run over by all and restoration work lost. We the demand on restoration dollars, those dollars need to go to projects that have a designated trail system, and to maintain that quality , routes no long in service need to be restored. There is a link between Designated routes and Restoration. This project has non of the above. It is located next to a business, and clear from pictures locals enjoy this riding areas. What reach out has been done to identify the users, and what other areas can be provided for them. $292,776 is a lot of money from a budget that is over subscribed by millions. More thought should be put into this on how to manage it. Right now a few signs as shown on picture is really not management, it is just putting up a sign and walking away, expecting miracles. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  Comments on BLM Bishop Office, has comments by Koch 3/4/15 that is incorrect. It talks about Barstow, This grant is BLM Bishop. This planning for 3 years of Adventure trail is like putting a roof on a house when you do not even have the studs in place to hold it up. There is no adventure, trail, and even if it was there, it utilizes no new trails or road that area not already being used by the public. If the BLM would like to put in traffic counters, that is perfectly OK under ground operations, Oh, I forgot, they did not put in for Ground Operation, Why with over 1200 miles of trails in Bishop BLM office, this is a terrible oversight and something that should be rectified or public assured that BLM has the proper funds to manage the access to all the trails with proper signings and trail maintenance in the Bishop BLM field office. This specific grant should be withdrawn It is drawing funds from other projects that really bring OHV opportunity. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  To: OHMVR Division 1725 23rdStreet, Sacramento, CA 95816 Attention: Sixto Fernandez Re: The Bishop BLM The Adventure Trail is under a suit for its Environmental Impact Report approval. This is a long way from implementation for recreationist to enjoy. It would seem money requested for operations and maintenance are very optimistic at this time. Steve Toomey Land use Co ordinator - 3/25/15

  Now that off-road riding has been allowed on previously illegal routes, it will be important that more law enforcement is available for the safety of all. This beautiful eastern Sierra region could suffer great economic as well as ecological damage if land/travel management does not have enough law enforcement available. Please fund this. Pam Nelson - 4/1/15

  See attached letter. Steve Toomey - 4/5/15