Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers

  The Clovis Independents have been hard at work to help keep access to the Sierra National Forest open for all. With this grant the organization will be better able to serve the good of the general public by maintaining a better road and trail system, This will enhance connectivity and provide for a better overall OHV experience in the Sierra National Forest. Mike Wubbels - 3/4/15

  I have personally used this area along with Clovis Independent members and find the area in question absolutely in need of maintenance as requested in this application. This area is frequented by many users and is a great area to enjoy along with friends and family. Please Grant Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers the funds requested to keep this area open and stable for all members, participants, friends, families, and all future participants. Sincerely, John Polyzos - 3/8/15

  Please see attached Comments. Steve Egbert - 3/15/16

  The Merced Dirt Riders totally support this O & M project! Merced Dirt Riders - 4/6/15