USFS - Angeles National Forest

  Thank you for inviting the public to comment on OHV management in the Angeles Forest.

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to utilize the OHV areas and trails within Southern California and specifically within the Angeles National Forest.  Overall, it is clear to me that OHV opportunities on public lands are shrinking dramatically.  We see signs of this almost everywhere we ride.

Within the Angeles Forest, we see trails that have been used by motorcycle riders for decades being fenced off or covered with "slash".  I see this personally in the OHV areas surrounding Santa Clarita.  These trails may not be "system trails", but have been used for years by local motorcycle riders without the need for USFS maintenance.  So instead of being able to use these much more interesting singletrack trails, we are being pushed onto the fire roads which is not the experience most OHVers are looking for and where the risk of higher speed collisions is increased.

I would like to see less trail closures, less shrinkage of existing OHV areas, more singletrack trails, and more opportunity for longer distance OHV travel.

Thank you for your service. Ken Raleigh - 3/3/15

  I am writing as a responcible user of Roher Flats offroad area. My use of the area, along with many friends, have been enjoying this area for years. It has helped me to instill a responcible users character in each one of my 4 daughters as we traverse all areas of Roher that my jeep could take us. 

Recently, my 16 year old daughter aquired her own jeep and is looking forward to sharing the area with her group of friends. I am sure, without a doubt, that my daughters, and the generations that follow them, will reflect the character of responcible users, dedicated to the care and preservation of this area we are so grateful for.

I pray that as you discuss the the fate of Roher Flat, you are warmed by the sense that this simple collection of trails is playing a huge role in the enjoyment of responcible users now and generations to come. Blessings to you all, Andrew Paredes and Family - 3/5/15

  I would ask that any and all grants disseminated to the various Nation Forest Off-Highway Vehicle programs be limited to 50% of the proposed grant monies if that Forest abides by the California State OHV Green/Red sticker guide lines. Even though Riders of red sticker OHVs pay the full $52.00 bi-annual registration fees they  are limited to only partial year use in State SVRAs due to 'environmental' concerns of air quality.  Several National Forest districts have chosen to abide by the state mandated riding periods for red sticker OHVs even though there is no state mandated smog check program requirements for on road vehicles in their counties. Thank you for your time... David Cantrell - 3/13/15

  Ground Operation is very important to gain access to our public lands. This grant is asking for $338,815 and can you in a simple paragraph describes exactly what are we are getting for this ? How many trails do we have and will you maintain. How many camp ground and restrooms do you maintain. In other words you need to brag a little more and sell us on why this expense. You will say, it is all in the grant, however you have to take a calculator and felt pen to high light the pieces in order to come to a conclusion. Please make it easer for the public to be excited about this grant. Ed Waldheim - 3/22/15

  The addition of Fire pits or cooking pits would make a day adventure complete. Cooking pits would be a first come first serve basis. Most visitors would share the cookoing pits as previous times before people have shared personal BBQ's . Thank you, Feviu Villarreal - 3/28/15

  I and the multitude of OHV Park users support the grant proposal and am hopeful that the proposed San Gabriel Canyon OHV Park Development and Management Plan will provide a quality framework from which to drive improvements to this exciting OHV Park. The Park presently provides OHV opportunities for Los Angeles County constituents and folks from all over Southern California. Improvements, though are needed to increase OHV opportunities, as the County lacks sufficient OHV opportunities in consideration of the 135,000 + OHV registered vehicles and unknown number of four by four vehicles registered for public highway use. Suggested Park improvements are: improved amenities for Park personnel; increase Park personnel including use of trained volunteers; maintain partnerships with the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Parks Bureau Sheriff's for enforcement and safety oversight; maintain partnerships with non-profits; improve vehicle queuing upon entrance to reduce traffic on Highway 39; increase ATV and 4 x 4 training opportunities and provide environmental educational services; possible expansion of the 4 x 4 obstacle course; design and construction of an ATV obstacle/trials course, utilizing existing natural obstacles; re-design and/or expansion of the staging area to provide over-flow parking; picnic areas with shade structures and tables with view of the obstacle course, ATV training area and ATV/motorcycle kiddie course; increasing picnic areas as appropriate, including vault toilet installation(s) as deemed necessary per Park user population. Thank you. Rob Ettleman - 4/6/15