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Ventura County Sheriff's Department

  I have driven my Jeep for several years in this area and impressed by the efforts of the local Sheriffs (two of them for a large area). I have seen them patrol very remote areas, and I have seen them helping people. Their contributions to this area are critical to the safety of off-roaders. I support any grants they can be awarded to improve their resources. Gary Kipka - 3/3/15

  I can't think of a better way to fund an underfunded area. I wish that my family and I could use this public land more than we do but at times we feel it is unsafe and we have been unsure of the boundaries of private and public lands as well as what trails are clearly main trails and what have been carved out by visitors. This funding could cover both safety and educational aspects, making it a win/win for everyone involved except criminals. Erik Jacobson - 3/3/15