Napa County Sheriff's Office

  I entirely support this grant. Napa County has a very strong agricultural presence which requires a lot of resources to manage. Thanks for taking the time to apply on behalf of our community. Meg Ragan - 3/3/15

  Napa County Sheriffs so a Great job ! especially in the Knoxville area of Napa county. Andrew P Amador - 3/4/15

  I strongly support the grant application being submitted to the California Division of Off Highway Vehicles by the Napa County Sheriff's Department. Maintaining a mobile law enforcement presence (“off highway team”) in this remote area of Napa County is a critical issue and significantly aids in the safe and responsible operation of off highway vehicles. It also makes the Knoxville area generally safer for local residents and landowners. As a long term property owner in the Knoxville area, I am well aware of the positive effect of having an increased law enforcement presence in this outlying area. Prior to the introduction of the Napa County Sheriff’s Department OHV team, the Knoxville area and Devil’s Head County Road, in particular, experienced a much higher level of improper OHV use on public and private land and lawlessness in general. OHV's that were not licensed for use on public roads were frequently driven at high speeds on Devil's Head Road in a manner that endangered both the operator and other vehicles. On numerous occasions OHV's were irresponsibly driven onto public lands and private property in a manner that damaged ground cover and caused significant rutting and winter erosion. Although the majority of land in the Knoxville area is under federal ownership and managed by BLM, the Napa County Sheriff’s Department is the primary law enforcement agency. In addition to helping control illegal OHV use on Devil’s Head County Road and in the Knoxville area in general, the Sheriff's Department also discourages other illegal activity in this remote, rural location, which has no land line telephones and only limited cell phone service. Further, their presence helps to control illegal firearms discharge, garbage dumping, trespass and marijuana farming. Joseph Erasmy - 3/18/15