County of Lake

  I strongly support this proposed project. This small parcel of land is at the intersection of a busy State Highway and the main road into a community of 5,000+ residents. The illegal OHV activity has been extremely destructive to the environment and adjacent Putah Creek, and has had a negative impact on the local residents. OHV users choke the air with dust in the dry months and layer mud on the road during the wet months. This project will go a long way in protecting our environment, watershed, and improve the quality of life for thousands of nearby residents. Thank you for your consideration. Sky Pile - 3/3/15

  My comment on this grant application comes to you as both a longtime resident of Lake County and as the Sheriff of Lake County. Historically, Lake County has been a tourist destination with the main draw for tourists being the largest freshwater lake in California, Clear Lake. In recent years, the Lake has been plagued by toxic algae blooms. These algae blooms cause unsafe, and unsanitary conditions in our waterways. Also, it is very discouraging for people who want to use the lake for recreational opportunities to encounter smelly, clumpy masses of bacteria. There are many factors that contribute to the increase in blue-green algae in our waters. One of the significant factors is the erosion, sediment, and nutrient runoff into the watershed that drains into Clearlake. We have many areas in our County containing vacant lands in which people ride off-highway vehicles. Riding in these areas contributes to erosion and runoff of nutrients, further exacerbating the algae problem we have. When riders use designated OHV areas, the runoff doesn't create as drastic a problem for our lake. Responsibility for enforcement of the illegal OHV riding falls on many different law enforcement agencies, including the Lake County Sheriff's Office. As head of that agency, I fully support any efforts to educate the public on these issues. I hope my comments are helpful in your decision-making process and I hope that this grant application is accepted and approved. Brian Martin, Sheriff-Coroner County of Lake - 3/6/15

  I fully support the educational program proposed for Off road vehicle use in Lake county - especially in the area on Hartmann Rd and 29 adjacent to the creek. This area has been torn up and degraded by OHV use over the years impacting the flora and fauna of the area. Carolyn Graham - 3/23/15

  Thank you for submitting this important educational program. After reviewing this application, I noted some missing elements in your budget: Signage other than the Interpretive kiosk. You need to erect at least 4 signs similar to those in the MNF Middle Creek area to indicate that the Putah Creek area is not appropriate for OHV use. In addition, you might want to also include similar signage in the Clearlake Oaks area which is also severely overrun by OHVs. And what about giveaways like "Tread Lightly in Lake County" T-shirts to participants (school kids and adults) of the program? These would help remind them of what they've learned at the peer educator events. Good luck! Lahna Fish - 3/30/15

  We totally support this grant application. As volunteer citizens monitoring storm water events along the north shore of Clear Lake, we have documented sediment entering into Clear Lake - which is on the state's impaired water body list - from numerous sources created by illegal OHV usage. This is a big issue along the north shore of Clear Lake, as well as the Hidden Valley/Middletown area which this grant stems from. While some of this is on public lands, MUCH of this is on private lands - and these are rural lands where the property owner may not be aware of the problems - we do not have access to help from state grant programs to combat the problem. As the State provides funds to support OHV opportunities, this particular grant is focused on what both the public and private sectors need - outreach on legal areas for OHV usage, and public education on the detrimental impacts of illegal OHV usage. This is a very unique grant application, which could set the stage across California, and we very much urge the grant application to be approved. Holly Harris - 4/1/15