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San Diego County Sheriff's Department

 I would like to comment on the OHMVR grant on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association.
San Diego County Sheriff's Dept Law Enforcement grant contains ridiculous, inexcusable errors that should be addressed.  Just as in grants from years gone by, the grant writer(s) do not know the names or levels of government of the areas they claim to patrol.  The grant refers to Corral Canyon State Park.  There is no Corral Canyon State park, however, there is Corral Canyon in the Cleveland National Forest.   The grant says it patrols the  Borrego Springs Highway Legal Vehicle Recreation Park.  This is not likely, since no such park exists.  They may mean the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.  The grant says they patrol in Ocotillo Wells SVRA.  Grant money is not allowed to be used in SVRA's.   The grant writers could make themselves look more professional by getting some of these details correct.  The grant says they work with these agencies.  How is that possible when they clearly don't know who they are working with?  While I have seen the Off-Road Enforcement Team out in the field, I have never seen them patrolling the legal OHV areas like Corral Canyon or Lark Canyon. Ed Stovin - 4/6/14