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Adventure Trail System of the Eastern Sierra Inc.

 I would like to comment on the application by the Adventure Trail system of the Eastern Sierra.
The Ground Ops grant request seems very modest and has a significant volunteer component.  I doubt any of the managing agencies is that area would do this project. This is perfect for a local volunteer project, and as a volunteer myself I can appreciate this application.
This funding would have the added benefit of helping local OHV volunteers organize to complete a project, something that is always needed in any area.
Poleta is an area that needs a lot of help.  We don't have many open areas left and this one interfaces with one of the very  great OHV trails up Black Canyon that made it through Travel Management.
Visitors need direction in that area, and specifically they need to know where to go and where not to go or we'll lose the area.  The kiosks would help considerably.
The CTUC maps are beautiful but really should not be handed out for free.  I would suggest that a photocopy map be provided at the kiosk and the CTUC map be sold at local OHV shops and gas stations.  I can envision riders grabbing handfuls of free maps to give their friends.  People only value things they have to pay for and the maps are a significant expense at $12000. Bruce Whitcher, Central Coast Motorcycle Association - 4/6/14