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USFS - Six Rivers National Forest

 View public comments. Blue Ribbon Coalition - 4/4/14

 Please continue to fund the OHV program in Six Rivers Nat'l forest as this is a valuable recreation resource and many people enjoy this form of recreation and these funds are needed to continue this program. Bobby Godwin - 4/4/14

 Please approve the grant  for ohv trails in six rivers national forest as this  a valuable asset  much needed in this area. Thank you very much, Bettye Etter - 4/4/14

 Please approve the grant for the Six Rivers National Forest OHV trail system. I pay into the green sticker fund and would like funds spent that serve my local area in this way. Douglas Huajardo - 4/4/14

 Please continue this grant to Six Rivers ohv program.This is a great recreational opportunity for our area of lower Trinity,and surrounding areas.Thank you Robert Godwin - 4/4/14